Wine Is My Valentine

Valentine's Day. If you are single or all bae'd up, it will be here before you know it. When I was younger, I used to think that Valentine's Day was limited to those with a significant other and singles would retreat to the bedroom with a box of drugstore chocolates (you know the ones I am talking about) and watch rom-coms on repeat.

With time comes wisdom and I've realized Valentine's Day isn't limited to those in a relationship, it's a day to celebrate those you love and care about. Whether it's your bestie, partner in crime, tribe, sibling, parents or even your co-workers, you can never tell people you care about them too much. After all, life is short, love hard. 

Finding yourself in quite the predicament?  I've put together a few quick and easy ideas that are sure to make your Valentine smile. 

Five Daughters Bakery


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Image Courtesy Of Five Daughters Bakery (Instagram)

One of my favorite " treat yo-self" places in Nashville is Five Daughters Bakery. Fortunately, they have a location super close to my house so I often make pop in visits to try out their new flavors. These doughnuts will literally make your eyes roll back into your head (I saw you trying to lick the screen! Aren't the swoon-worthy?)

For Valentine's Day, they have created a gift box of assorted flavors. Forget about that basic box of chocolates and splurge on these sugary delights!  Ideal office treats in case some of my co-workers are looking for suggestions :)

Flavors include:

  • Red Velvet Cake with a cream cheese cake infusion
  • Creme Brulée with vanilla pastry cream infusion
  • Chocolate Hazelnut with a chocolate hazelnut covered strawberry
  • Coconut Rose with a rose water infusion

They are available for pre-order and pick up only Saturday, February 9, Sunday, February 10 and Wednesday, February 14.


202 21st Avenue South 

Nashville, Tennessee 37203

website and Instagram

nada Opened These Doors For Business On January 15

Let's be honest. I love a nice dinner just as much as the next girl. On occasions like Valentine's Day, I find restaurants trying too hard and falling short with their prix fixe menu. Avoid the pomp and circumstance, let your hair down and visit nada for dinner. Yes, reservations will still be a must (click here to secure a spot), but this restaurant's fun and casual atmosphere coupled with their queso gringo and house margaritas are sure to be a hit. In addition to their comprehensive cocktail menu, nada boasts an extensive mezcal and tequila list and for those of you not hitting the hard stuff, there are plenty of cevezas and wine. 

Y'all, these tacos are far from basic. While nada includes the classics on the menu, they have a Caramelized Cauliflower that is to die for and let's talk about that Roasted Mushroom. Yes! The tacos may be on the smaller side but that gives you the opportunity to sample so many things! 

From L To R: Lobster Bolsas, Grilled Shrimp, Caramelized Cauliflower, Carne Asada and Baja Fish

Still looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? nada has a variety of dessert offerings, my favorite being the Butterscotch Flan. It's one you will want to get your fork into. 

nada: Butterscotch Flan

I know, you're drooling. I'll save you the trouble of scrolling. Click here to make reservations. 

Wine Is My Valentine

The Quintessential Single Girl's Valentine Shirt!

There's always one Valentine that never disappoints, wine. One of my favorite go-to bottles of wine at the moment happens to be sold at Trader Joe's for $10.99. Ruggero Di Bardo Susumaniello. It reigns from Puglia and is made with Susumaniello grapes (last seen here and without a doubt an all-time favorite). I typically gravitate toward Cabernets that tend to be bold and more fruit forward, almost jammy if you will. While this wine is full bodied, it reminds me more of a Pinot Noir with hints of blackberry, chocolate, and dark cherry. 

Ruggero Ri Bardo- Purchased At Trader Joe's

So, if you just aren't feeling it, break out the corkscrew and curl up with a glass or two of this. 

There you have my Valentine's Day rundown. What am I doing you ask? Combining the best of both worlds. Several of my favorite girlfriends are getting together at nada for an early dinner and then back to my house for some wine and trash TV.  Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's or hanging at home in your comfiest clothes, count your blessings, hug your people and be thankful for what life has to offer.