Five Points Stole A Pizza My Heart

Five Points Pizza

1012 Woodland Street

Nashville, Tennessee 37206

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Tacos, queso, nachos, wine, and pizza. If you follow my Instagram, you know these are my un-official food groups. I think my fellow foodies and I are making quite the case for the USDA to reexamine the food pyramid. 

Over the weekend I had a chance to revisit a Nashville classic, Five Points Pizza which is located in East Nashville's Five Points District. The Five Points district has inevitably become one of the most desired areas for Nashvillians and tourists to eat, live and play. With restaurants like Margot Café and Bar, The Treehouse and Five Points Pizza, I can see why. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Five Points Pizza, allow me to give you the run down. Pizza enthusiasts have three options available: Carryout, Slice Window, and Dine-In. Their slice window is open from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM. Talk about the perfect late night bite! Um, yes, please!  This time I decided to brave the masses and order my pizza in the restaurant. I wandered in around 1:45 PM on a Saturday, thinking that I had missed the lunch rush and boy was I ever wrong. We still had a 30 minute wait that late in the day. What can I say, when you're good, you're good enough to wait for! Grabbing a spot at the bar, we ordered a beer and began to play the waiting game. Within ten to fifteen minutes a couple of chairs opened up and we found our permanent pizza post. 

When serving pizza, it's imperative that the restaurant serves a wide selection of beer. Five Points Pizza does exactly that. They have sixteen different beers on tap and for those of you looking for something not so hoppy, they also have three different wines. But, that's just the taps! They have a killer selection of cans available, too! 

To kick off this eating frenzy, I opted for a cold one from one of my favorite local breweries, Calfkiller Brewery. 

Five Points Pizza: Calfkiller Brewery- J. Henry

While it may seem counter intuitive, the Garlic Knots are required. Period. I know you are scratching your head right about now thinking why would I want to fill up on bread before I indulge in some of the best pizza in the city. Trust me, I ask myself that each and every time I do it, but I can't stop. A word of advice, if you are worried about being too "full", I recommend you opt for the half order. These beauties are hand-cut New York style dough tied in knots, tossed in olive oil, fresh garlic, and pecorino romano. To top it off, they are served with a side of delicious marinara. Now you know why these are a can't miss menu item.  

Five Points Pizza: Garlic Knots( Half Order) Tossed In Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic, Pecorino Romano And Served With A Side Of Marinara

After we polished off the knots (yes, no knot left behind!), we decided to get down to business and that means a beer flight was in order. Five Points Pizza offers beer flights which include four different beers on tap for $7.00. Quite the deal if you ask me. From right to left, I chose the following: Anderson Valley Cerveza Crema, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb, Hollow Point Schlossbier Dunkel and Jackelope Bearwalker

Five Points Pizza makes their New York style dough from scratch on a daily basis. It's aged in-house, tossed and topped with plum tomato sauce that is crushed by hand and covered in the most delicious shredded mozzarella. Just writing this has me drooling! 

Pizzerias of this caliber are frequently unwilling to split pies, but not Five Points!  We were so torn on what to order that we decided to go halfsies and ordered the Zeus and Meatball Pie

Five Points Pizza: Left-Meatball Pie And Right Zeus

Initially, I wasn't sure which slice would win my heart. Would it be the Zeus with its spicy capicola and banana peppers or the Meatball Pie with its thinly sliced meatballs and shredded mozzarella? Typically, I am a sucker for anything with spice, hot chicken, hot pepper, you name it, but this time the meatballs and the creaminess of the mozzarella stole my heart. 

Featured above is a 14" pie, so needless to say there were leftovers. Sometimes, leftover pizza can be a bit disappointing when it's reheated. Take it from me, these slices were just as good today as they were on Saturday. 

Can't take down a whole pie solo? Never fear, Five Points offers New York style pizza by the slice! Choose from cheese, pepperoni and prosciutto and basil and make your pizza dreams come true. 

Five Points Pizza: Pepperoni Slice

Weekdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Five Points has some of the best lunch deals around. It might be one of the best kept secrets in town, but I'm here to share the deets! Pizza connoisseurs can choose from the following: Two Slice Special (8.00), Knot and Salad Special (9.00) and Slice and Salad Special (9.00). Arrive early if you've got to stick to just an hour as this is quite the popular joint! 

Five Points Pizza is much more than just beer and pie! They also have an assortment of salads and stuffed Stromboli so good it will make you want to smack your mama! 

Saving the best for last? You better believe it! In late 2016, it was announced that Five Points Pizza was going to expand their business to the West side giving the people what they want, more pizza pie! Since the initial press, not many details have been disclosed however I did a little digging and found out during my visit that their future Westside location will be housed at 4104 Charlotte Pike and the restaurant is targeting April 2018 as a possible open date. It's as if I can hear the cheering and clapping from here! 

East Nashville possesses a unique vibe filled with artists, musicians, restauranteurs and brewers that work to create and maintain the spirit of the neighborhood. Even though I am a Nashville native, I could spend hours exploring this area and find something new and interesting each and every time. It's without a doubt one of Nashville's most eclectic areas. 

Don't wait for the lines to die down, head over to Five Points Pizza today and don't forget to order that Meatball Pie! 

Many thanks for Five Points Pizza for partnering with me on this post! 

Until Next time! 


Tariff: Knots and Salads are anywhere from $3.00- $6.00; Pizza by the slice ranges from $3.25-$5.00; Whole Pies can vary between $13.00-$25.00 depending on size and specialty ordered

Can't Miss: Garlic Knots and that Meatball Pie!  Whoa, baby! 

Potential Pass: There's nothing featured above that I would pass on. I really enjoyed each of the items ordered.