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A Perfect Ending To A Week In Geneva: Le Flacon

Finance by day food by night is the mantra that I have been living by since I started Blonde Voyage Nashville three years ago. While I spend my days as a project manager who’s often eyeball deep in spreadsheets or slide decks, my evenings are filled with food tastings, checking out Nashville’s newest establishments and networking with some of Music City’s most enthusiastic foodies. Life is all about balance, right?

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Blonde Voyage's Guide To Dubrovnik

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2019? I’d shake my head in disbelief if I didn’t have a stack of magazines on my coffee table that said otherwise. In a day and age where we consume so much digital media, I find myself more and more enjoying the ritual of pouring a glass of wine, opening up Travel and Leisure or Bon Appétit and escaping my current reality. There’s something so satisfying about holding the pages in my hands and tearing out those articles or recipes that really speak to me.

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But first, Brunch: Band of Bohemia

When one of your favorite chefs gives you a restaurant recommendation, you not only make a quick note, but you also make reservations, ASAP. 

Enjoying yet another amazing dinner at Bastion (last seen here) I started chatting with Chef Josh Habiger about upcoming travel. Well aware of the fact that he is incredibly knowledgeable about the food scene in Chicago (he did after all, work spend some time at Alinea) I thought it would be worth picking his brain for any new up and coming restaurants.

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D.C. Dining: Fiola

My girlfriend knows me all too well.  Before I could even finish my text about reservations and restaurants, she had already texted with a full blown itinerary.  And by now, you know I am SUCH A FAN of an itinerary. I was thrilled to see that she scheduled Fiola for lunch. I just love it when a plan falls into place!

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Ready to Roister!

When the Alinea Group announced in 2015 that they were introducing a casual dining concept, people were waiting with bated breath to see what would develop, myself included. Well known for its innovative and provocative spin on food, the group boasts quite the list of high-caliber restaurants and bars within the Chicago area.  Roister was no exception.

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