Cheers To Pour Decisions: I Pàstini

I Pàstini

Strada Cupa Rampone Zona A - 74015 Martina Franca (TA)


What's better than a fire when you are freezing your a$$ off in Nashville? A bottle of VersoSud from I Pàstini. I am savoring every single drop!

One of my favorites from my Puglia trip was our visit to I Pàstini. Located in Martina Franca, I Pàstini is a winery not to be missed. Not only is their harvest organic, but every single grape is hand-picked.  

I Pàstini was founded in 1996 in the Valle d'Itria by the Carparelli family. Compared to the wineries in Napa, I Pàstini might be on the smaller side, however, the vineyard spans twelve hectares and produces incredible wines. Ones that you will most certainly want to get your hands on. 

We started our tour in the midst of the grapevines learning about the history of the vineyard as well as the soil composition and the effects it has on the grapes. 

Gianni Carparelli, winemaker and owner at I Pàstini

As we wandered throughout the property, we had the opportunity to see the trulli that dated back to the early 1700's. These trulli were primarily used for livestock and grain storage. Hard to believe if you ask me! Aren't they stunning?

Original trulli dating back to the early 1700's

Meandering throughout the estate, we made our way across the railroad track (yes there are tracks that cut through the property, which makes the timing of the visit oh, so important) and back into the production area.  Quite the juxtaposition from the trulli we were just exploring. I Pàstni uses large stainless steel vats for fermentation and production. 

I Pàstini Production Area

As we concluded our tour, we had a chance to sneak a peek of this charming bottle shop where people can relax and sample glasses of the various wines. If I lived in Puglia, it's clear where I would spend most of my time.  :)

Glasses And Vino For Days!

Intrigued By This Old Grape Vine. Have you ever??

At the end of our tour, we were invited into one of the most beautiful tasting rooms I've ever set foot it, and we all know I have tasted some wine! The stacked stone building not only framed the amazing scenery, but the sunlight kissed the building just perfectly. The layout of the room was reminiscent of being back in school. Row upon row of benches paired with tiny desks just large enough to place your glass on. Our group grabbed some snacks and chose our seat for the show. Being the overachiever, I grabbed a seat closer to the front. Not only did I get to taste some of the wine first, but I had a chance to take in that breathtaking view. As we tasted the portfolio of wine, a favorite emerged without question, VersoSud

Composed of 100% Susamaniello grapes, I was blown away by this wine. Not only was this wine rich and smooth but not overpowering like many red wines. VersoSud had intense garnet color with notes of blackberry and cherry. Easily consumed any time of day!

I Pàstini makes one hell of a rosé. So much so, they were out of stock at the vineyard (that should tell you how amazing it is). Luckily, I had a chance to sample it at a local restaurant and it was killer. Pretty sure we cleaned the restaurant out! The vineyard also has some amazing white wine as well, but I am partial to reds. We had the Cupa during our meal at Evo Restaurant, last seen here, and it paired flawlessly with our meal. It's certainly worth checking out. 

I Pàstini wines would make an excellent addition to your wine repertoire. Even though they may not be easily accessible in the US, you can always contact the vineyard here and place your order. Without hesitation, I ordered a half case of VersoSud and have enjoyed every drop. As a matter of fact, I am wishing that I ordered more. It's exquisite. 

Tariff: Between $15-$20 USD, of course having it shipped with increase the price

Can't-Miss: VersoSud and Le Rotaie

Potential Pass: Antico- While it was a lovely wine, it wasn't memorable.

Until Next Time! 

The Tasting Room at I Pàstini