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Camera Ready Captures In Tulum

Why do we take photos?

It’s a question I ask myself regularly as I pull out my iPhone. For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking photos. I still remember bringing my bulky 35MM camera with me EVERYWHERE I went. There was nothing more satisfying than finishing a roll of film and dropping it off to have it developed. I would spend hours with my friends looking at pictures, making photo albums and reliving those special moments.

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Fire To Table Simplicity At Arca

“ Where should I eat in Tulum?”

Aside from asking where to say, that’s quite possibly one of the most loaded questions a traveler can ask.

Like any food enthusiast, I put in the time and did the research. However, you know you have a problem when you have more restaurants to try than meals to eat! Of course, it’s a great problem to have and only means there are return trips in my future.

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Tulum's Secret Garden : Cenzontle

Does anyone else have Type-A tendencies? Waiting in lines give you absolute anxiety, you’re overly mindful almost borderline conscientious, you loathe wasting time, days are guided by serious to-do lists and you find it hard to relax? If you’re like me, you identify with almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of these items. Some people call it perfectionism, others may categorize you as a workaholic and those who aren’t so friendly may call you damn crazy. Regardless of the label or social commentary, this is me and I’ll own it.

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