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Tulum's Secret Garden : Cenzontle

Does anyone else have Type-A tendencies? Waiting in lines give you absolute anxiety, you’re overly mindful almost borderline conscientious, you loathe wasting time, days are guided by serious to-do lists and you find it hard to relax? If you’re like me, you identify with almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of these items. Some people call it perfectionism, others may categorize you as a workaholic and those who aren’t so friendly may call you damn crazy. Regardless of the label or social commentary, this is me and I’ll own it.

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Bites and Barbecue in Austin

Making the list for travel in 2018 was Austin, Texas. This wasn’t my first trip to Texas. My college roommate was from Houston and I have visited Dallas and San Antonio with work. However, many of you may be scratching your heads and wondering why in the world would Austin make it on the list over so many other cities, especially since I live in Nashville.

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Lyra - Adding A Little Twinkle To East Nashville

When the Holland House shuttered in July 2017, East Nashville residents were saddened to see one of their favorite local watering holes close. But thanks to the husband and wife duo, Hrant and Elizabeth Arakelian, this former East Nashville haunt has been revived.  Lyra serves Middle Eastern cuisine that's far from your basic baba ganoush. 

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Picturesque Polignano a Mare

After wrapping up the amazing cheese tour at Masseria Lamapecora, we headed to the coast to explore Polignano a Mare.


Without a doubt, you have seen photographs pinned to a travel inspiration board on Pinterest or perhaps you have stumbled across articles in Travel and Leisure. It is quite possibly one of the most photographed regions of Southern Italy.  

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