Place Your Bets On These Breakfast Spots In Tulum

Morning Rituals. It’s something we all have but it can be nice to change it up now and then. When I’m home, I’m rolling out of bed at 5:00 a.m, caffeinating with an oat milk latte and trying to pull it together before I leave for work. Sounds dreadful, right?

I love going on vacation because my morning routine changes depending on where I am and who I’m with. Unless I have a severe case of jet lag, I am still an early riser, but I no longer reach for the coffee and rush out the door. While I was in Tulum, I started each morning with a walk along the beach. The crashing crisp water against my legs was certainly more eye-opening than any cup of coffee. As my sandy strolls came to an end, I was absolutely ravenous. Luckily, I had an arsenal of restaurants to choose from. Below you will find a few of my favorite breakfast spots in Tulum. While some may more popular on Instagram than others, they are all serving excellent fare.

Matcha Mama

QROO 15 470 Zona Hotelera • 77780


Could This Place Be Any Cuter?

Matcha Mama is one of the most Instagrammed places in Tulum. While they have two locations, the one in Tulum Beach is by far the most popular. Travelers come from afar to enjoy one of many of their matcha creations and of course to snap a photo outside the jungle-chic hut. While I was initially drawn to Matcha Mama for their photo ops and of course their coconut matcha water, I became obsessed with their bowls. The obsession was so real that we went there TWICE during our trip which totally breaks my travel rules!

Matcha Mama has an extensive menu filled with cold brews, kombucha, smoothies and every single matcha creation fathomable. If you find yourself having a hard time making a decision, any of the smoothies can be made into bowls for a small fee. After scanning the menu, I opted for the Mango Madness bowl topped with fresh cut mango and passionfruit, bee pollen, chia seeds, raw almonds, and coconut. It was the perfect way to beat the heat and humidity that filled the air.

Acai Bowl (Top ) Mango Madness Bowl (Bottom)

Matcha Mama makes each item fresh to order so it can take several minutes before your bowl or smoothie is ready. Like most places along Tulum beach, cash is king, so make sure you are armed with plenty of pesos.

That Coconut Matcha Water Has Me Smiling!


How Charming Is The Bar At Ojo De Agua?

Ojo De Agua

Tulum Carretera Tulum-Boc Paila K.M. 5.8

Website and Instagram

On one of our many walks down the beach road, we stumbled upon the most charming market/open-air eatery called Ojo De Agua. Guests were enjoying freshly squeezed juices, mimosas and some of the prettiest avocado toast I’ve ever seen. We stopped in our tracks and made a beeline in.

If luck is on your side, you can grab a table in the front of the restaurant and soak up the sunshine. Otherwise, there’s plenty of seating in the back.

We arrived early enough to snag one of the coveted tables and thoroughly enjoyed the people watching while sipping on our beverages.

Inside Ojo De Agua

To say the menu is extensive is an understatement. Admittedly, a little anxiety kicked in as we poured through the menu trying to decipher each item and figure out what we want. After several minutes and a couple of visits from our server, we finally arrived upon a decision. Avocado Toast and Chilaquiles Rojos E Verdes. Quite possibly the most basic of brunch dishes, but we didn’t care and it was damn delicious.

Avocado Toast Topped With Sesame Seeds and Micro Green

Ojo De Agua had so many things that caught my eye, especially when it came to fresh juice concoctions. While I didn’t go crazy, I did try a Watermelon-Papaya juice and that was incredibly refreshing. The only thing that would have made it a little better is if there was a little vodka or tequila added.

As expected, my chilaquiles were absolutely dreamy. On the menu, they are offered with either a red or green sauce, but our server told me that the only way to go was to have a little of both. The server knows best, right? He absolutely steered me in the right direction. Comparing the two side by side, I believe the red had a little more flavor and fire so to speak which was the perfect kickstart to the day.

Watermelon- Papaya Juice + Mimosa + Chilaquiles Rojos E Verdes.

Ojo De Agua is one of the few restaurants in Tulum Beach that accepts credit card, so go wild! In all seriousness, I did order an extra mimosa when I found this out. The restaurant also has live music periodically that sets up in the open-air portion of the restaurant giving guests quite the exceptional experience.

Taqueria Honorio

Satélite Sur, Tulum, Q.R., Mexico


This last breakfast spot is by far the most authentic restaurant we experienced during our travels. Just a quick ten-minute taxi from Tulum beach, Taqueria Honorio is located in the heart of downtown Tulum. This nondescript taqueria may not be on any restaurant “hot” list but rest assured it’s ever popular among locals.

Keep Your Eyes Open Or You May Miss Taqueria Honorio

Taqueria Honorio opens for business at 6:00 a.m. and slings tacos until they sell out. Known for their freshly made tortillas and their cochinita pibil, locals and tourists alike are lined up ready to order. This was the one restaurant where I struggled not knowing the local language and had to resort to pointing to the menu items. It was fine. We were fine but just know that going in.

For those guests who aren’t grabbing their tacos and tortas on the run, can grab a table and enjoy their food and likely some local street entertainment. Tables are equipped with every taco topping imaginable including pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce and even a spicy habanero salsa for those looking to bring the heat.

I rolled the dice and had the first two but it was a little too early in the morning for me to be lit up with habanero.

Each Table Is Equipped With All The Taco Toppings Imaginable

Bring Your A Game Appetite And Order One Of Everything

I Only Wish I Could Have Brought These Home With Me. THAT GOOD.

Granted, I didn’t grow up in Texas and by no means do I consider myself a taco connoisseur but these were phenomenal. As the millennials say these days, tacos on fleek. I only wish I could have brought some back to Nashville.

Honestly, it was so refreshing to venture outside the beach area (a.k.a. tourist central) and get a real sense and flavor of downtown Tulum. As for currency, this is yet another establishment where you should have your pesos handy. If you are running low, never fear because there’s a bank a block away.

For all my early birds and breakfast enthusiasts, these are some of the best places in Tulum to grab a bite and start your day. Come armed with plenty of pesos and bring your A game appetite!

Until Next Time!