La Garenne


VARIETAL:  Red Blend


REGION: Bordeaux, France


PRICE: $8.99



What better way to start 2019 than with TJ Tuesday. I know many of you noticed that these reviews trailed off towards the end of 2018 but with the number of new restaurants opening in Nashville, it was hard to keep up. My hope is to have at least two of these posted on Instagram and on the blog every month.

La Garenne was a perfect wine to kick off TJ Tuesday. This red blend from Bordeaux was far from what I expected. Even though it was a blend, I expected this wine to be a bit tannic as many wines from the Bordeaux region often are. When I poured my first glass, I noticed notices of black currant and other dark fruit. I chose not to decant this wine and allowed it to open up on its own. As I swirled and sipped, I made the following observations:

  • Hints of Vanilla

  • Smooth bordering on slightly bold

  • Drinks almost like a Pinot Noir

Verdict: You can’t go wrong when purchasing a bottle of La Garenne. This wine would pair perfectly with a cheese board or you can even break the “proverbial” rules and pair it with a chicken dish. To be completely honest, I enjoyed sipping it while catching up on things around the house. It’s that easy and smooth and won’t disappoint!