Dark Waves

Dark Waves


Varietal:  Not provided

Vintage: Not Provided

Region: Central Coast, California

Alcohol Percentage: 13.9%

Price: $5.99


Tasting Notes: 

Let me preface this by saying I spent last weekend in Napa Valley tasting some of the most amazing wines I've had in a while. Don't worry, they are coming to the blog soon ;) So my review tonight may be a bit skewed.

I poured the first glass of this wine and noticed that there wasn't a prominent nose or aroma coming from the glass. I swirled it a bit and noticed a small bit of black fruit, but nothing noteworthy. 

I took a few sips and felt nothing. Usually, sipping wine evokes some sort of emotion, excitement, disgust, SOMETHING, but with this wine, there was nothing. I made it through an entire glass and thought maybe the salad I had for dinner wasn't the best thing to have before I tasted. So, I waited a bit and poured another glass. Still nothing. 

The wine was bland and lacked depth and character and overall I would say it's meh. Honestly, I'd rather have a good cup of coffee than sip on this.

Verdict: Hard Pass on this bottle. I'll be pouring the rest down the drain. 

Until Next Time!