Contadino Pinot Grigio Vivace

Contadino Pinot Grigio Vivace


Varietal:  Not provided

Vintage: 2016

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy 

Alcohol Percentage: 12.0%

Price: $5.99


Tasting Notes: 

Given how hot the temps have been in Nashville, I decided to choose a white wine in hopes of cooling off a bit.

As soon as I poured this wine, I noticed a slight effervescence, which is a surprise that I always enjoy. As I raised the glass to my nose, I was surprised to find no real distinct aroma. Typically, pinot grigios are light, crisp and refreshing. However, this one didn't exhibit any of those characteristics.  As I continued to sip on the wine, I made the following observations:

  • Light-body
  • Not overly sweet
  • Notes of Pear, Apple and a hint of Citrus/Lemon
  • Subtle minerality

Verdict: While this isn't the worst wine I've ever had (hello, it costs $5.99) I'd probably say that the effervescent characteristics lends itself more towards a sangria blend or the perfect accompaniment with some OJ for mimosas. The wine itself was just O.K., nothing that I would go out of my way to seek out. 

Until Next Time!