Sunny With A Chance Of Brunch

Interior Of L.A. Jackson

L.A. Jackson

At The Thompson Hotel

401 11th Ave South

Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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Dear Winter,

I’m officially breaking up with you. It’s time I start seeing other seasons like spring. He gives me sunshine and flowers.



I’m pretty sure I am not the only one in Nashville who feels this way. From the drastic temperature swings to the never-ending rain ( I mean, hello… do we live in Seattle?) I am ready to say adios winter.

As the days grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, Nashvillians will be invading patios and rooftops alike soaking up as much sunshine as possible. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it. The first inkling of a pretty day, I am pulling out my favorite sundress, sending out a group text for cocktails and making weekend brunch plans.

Seeing as spring is upon us, I thought I’d share one of my favorite places to soak up the sunshine and brunch cocktails, L.A. Jackson.

L.A. Jackson is one of the most popular rooftop bars in Nashville. While most know this bar for its craft cocktails and view of the Nashville skyline, L.A. Jackson is serving up one hell of a brunch.

Featuring The Kimberly Hart Cocktail

Even though reservations aren’t required, you may want to plan ahead as seating is first come, first served and those prime outdoor tables are limited.

Craft cocktails are available in both single and large format but before you decide on cozying up with the cocktail container, keep in mind your squad must be present to order.

I have two go-to cocktails at L.A. Jackson: Frosé and an Old Fashioned. In an effort not to be completely basic, I decided to change things up a bit during my last visit and ordered the Kimberly Hart. Not only is this cocktail completely swoon-worthy but it’s refreshing with just a little bit of sweet and sass. I enjoyed it so much, that I ordered not one but maybe three.

Glitter Grapes + Kimberly Hart

L.A. Jackson offers a variety of brunch options that aren’t just limited to the cocktails. The menu has between 10 and 15 different menu items and sides each one reading more delicious than the last.

What caught my eye immediately?

Glitter Grapes. I love anything with sparkle and I was totally intrigued by this creation. While they were described as boozy pop-rocks, I found them more on the boozy side than I did the popping. They were a refreshing little treat.

Even though I was attempting not to be completely basic, we had to order the Avocado Toast. You may be rolling your eyes thinking that if you’ve had one avo toast you’ve had them all, but this was slightly different. This was severed on top of a toasted pita with tomato jam and all the vegetables you could possibly pile on. Far from ordinary and a delightful surprise.

Avocado Toast | Avocado + Pita + Tomato Jam + Almonds

Catching our eye was also the Egg White Frittata. The table adjacent to ours ordered this and it was all that I could do to stay in my seat and not walk over and have a bite. They were raving about the dish but told us the secret was to add hot sauce. It was love at first bite and for me, hot sauce was not necessary, but to each their own. The dish was both light and flavorful and clearly large enough to be shared with the table.

Egg White Frittata | Asparagus + Broccoli + Tomatoes + Feta Cheese + Pistou + Cress Salad

PSA: Before I send you to L.A. Jackson for a fabulous brunch, I must warn you of one of the most dreaded sights in Nashville, the bachelorette party. You can’t walk more than five feet in the Gulch without seeing a gaggle of giggling, intoxicated girls in matching t-shirts, ill-fitting jean shorts, and cowboy boots. These ladies will inevitably make their way to the Thompson because well, it’s the Thompson.

So prepare yourself and your nerves for the cacophony that is known as the bachelorette party.

From cocktails to casseroles of hashbrowns and bacon, L.A. Jackson has the brunch and the views that you don’t want to miss.

Brunch is served Friday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

I hope to see you on the rooftop soaking up the sunshine!

Tariff: Dishes range from $10.00-$25.00 with sides starting at $5.00. Most cocktails are $13.00 unless you choose large format cocktails to share and they are $100.00 and serve a minimum of six people.

Can’t-Miss: Based on what I ordered, you can’t miss the Kimberly Hart cocktail ( or the photo-op) and the Egg White Frittata. Even though I didn’t order it this time, L.A. Jackson’s Ice Cream Sandwich game is STRONG. Save some room and/or calories for one of those treats.

Potential Pass: Don’t get me wrong, every girl wants a little sparkle in her life, but I was a little underwhelmed with the Glitter Grapes. They were a refreshing little treat but for $10.00, I’d rather just order a cocktail.

Until Next Time!