D.C. Dining: Lupo Verde Brunch


Lupo Verde

1401 T Street, Northwest

Washington D.C. 20009



Brunch. It's a social institution and there's arguably no better way to start your weekend. What do you look for when making your brunch selection? Champagne and Caviar service? Amazing eggs benny? What about that extra crispy Benton's bacon

Lately, I have highlighted several Michelin star restaurants or dining establishments that are named on the World's 50 Best list, but if you know me at all, you realize I am an equal opportunity diner. There are so many remarkable restaurants that don't make these lists but are still so noteworthy and absolutely killing it in the kitchen. introducing Lupo Verde.  This is one place where you will #brunchsohard.

Located in the 14th street corridor (right next door to the Colada Shop), Lupo Verde is serving one hell of a brunch. Read- you need reservations.

Seeing as it was one steamy D.C. day, we decided to arrive a few minutes early and cool off with a cocktail at the bar. Soaking up the Italian vibes, I decided to order an Amaro Spritz, which was the featured cocktail of the day. It was a bit too soon for a mimosa and there's nothing I love more than a good Aperol spritz, so why not? I took a sip and realized this was not your typical spritz as you could taste the faint flavors of anise and licorice but it was most certainly refreshing. While an Aperol Spritz is still my favorite, this one certainly quenched my thirst. 

Shortly thereafter, we were escorted upstairs to the most adorable table where we were surrounded by exposed bricks and antique Italian posters. Perusing the menu, I immediately found at least three different dishes that I wanted to try. Even though I had walked over ten miles the previous day checking out the sights, it wouldn't have been the best decision for me or my waistline. But wait... what is this "social bunch?" As we looked at each other, we knew our decision was made. The social brunch allows you sample a number of dishes without the guilt. Yes! 

We started with a bottle of prosecco served with three different purees allowing us to mix our mimosas as we saw fit.(Um. Thank you!) I don't know about you, but I typically go heavy on the bubbles and add a splash of fruit ( OJ, passion fruit, mango, etc.) The more transparent the drink the better.  

For our first course, we opted for the Pancakes. Not only did they sound delicious, but they were perfect for soaking up our shenanigans from the night before. Served with fresh berries and panna acida, there was no need for them to be doused in maple syrup because these pancakes would have Mrs. Butterworth drooling. Seriously, how can you say no?

Pancakes served with Fresh Berries, Panna Acida, and Warm Maple Syrup

Next, we ordered from the Spaghetteria. Clearly, I was having a pasta moment over the weekend (ahem Rose's Luxury), why stop now? Calories only count during the week anyway, right? First from the kitchen was the Carbonara di Mare. While this dish was a hit of the table, I decided to pass because I am not a salmon enthusiast. I realize that I have consumed things that are quite questionable by most people's standards, but I always find salmon too fishy for my liking. My other girlfriends adored this dish and leaving no noodle behind. 

Carbonara Di Mare served with Salmon, Egg Yolk and Herbs

Having the Cacio e Pepe at Rose's Luxury the previous evening, I was curious how this compared, so of course, we had to order it! Lupe Verde served their dish a bit differently using spaghetti noodles and serving a large sunny side up egg on top of the dish. While it wasn't the same as Rose's, it was most certainly delicious. The egg yolk provided a bit of richness to this otherwise basic pasta dish. 

Cacio e Pepe served with Parmigiano, Pecorino and Pepe

Finally what Italian meal is complete without Spaghetti Carbonara?  This is one of my all time favorite Italian dishes, so I was thrilled to see it on the menu. Served with guanciale, eggs, and pecorino, this dish had me swooning at the table. By far the favorite of the pasta dishes ordered. The guanciale added just the right amount of saltiness and texture to the rich carbonara sauce.(Make sure you order this one!)

Spaghetti Carbonara served with Guanciale, Egg and Pecorino

Balancing out oodles of noodles, we ordered the avocado served with arugula and balsamic vinegar. Even though I enjoyed this solo, I loved taking small bits of the avocado and pairing it with my bites of pasta adding creaminess to each bite. If I had it my way, more dishes would be served with avocado. 

Avocado served with Balsamic Vinegar and Arugula

We had quite the feast! ( Before the destruction)

I'm sure you all must be thinking that this brunch cost a small fortune, after all, we had three pasta entrees along with a bottle of prosecco, pancakes and a salad. Want to take a guess? $35.00/person. That's right. You aren't having difficulties seeing and no, you haven't had too many glasses of wine. It's $35.00 a person. Phenomenal food and great value.  

Lupo Verde won my heart. The charming and rustic Italian decor coupled with the decadent food and cocktails made for a spectacular brunch. Click here and make your reservations today!

Tariff: $35.00/person if partaking in the social brunch

Can't Miss: Pancakes and Spaghetti Carbonara

Potential Pass: Carbonara di Mare

Until Next Time!