Cocktailing In East Nashville

Weekends. Do you exist anymore? I am beginning to wonder. If I remember correctly, a weekend was defined by the time I closed out of PowerPoint and shut my computer down on Friday afternoon until it was booted back up on Monday morning. This time was typically used for leisurely activities: checking out movies, shopping, and cocktailing with my friends.

However, this shift has occurred where my weekends have been more focused on adulting (read grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning) and being a responsible human than having fun. This past weekend I said to hell with that and decided to call up one of my girls for an impromptu Sunday Funday. There were two new places on my radar in East Nashville that I was itching to check out: Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall and Attaboy. 


Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall

974 Main Street

Nashville, Tennessee





Located just two blocks from the famous five points area, Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall has something for everyone and it's sure to become one of your go to spots in East Nashville. Serving up over 40 local and regional craft beers nightly, Noble's offers great drink specials 7 days a week! Perhaps you aren't in the mood for a beer, (I can't wrap my mind around that, but let's go with it;) Noble's has a variety of wine and signature cocktails, a few of which are on tap! 

With football season upon us, it's no secret that most of the men in our lives will be making their way to the closest watering hole to watch the game. Noble's has done a fantastic job spacing televisions throughout each floor so you won't miss one minute of the action.

Check out this menu! SO. MANY. BEER. OPTIONS; Featured: Cigar City Florida Cracker

Of course, I can't leave out the most important detail, the food! Options. Options. Options. Noble's menu has anything from small shareable plates to sandwiches and salads. In the mood for something a little heartier? Noble's Kitchen offers daily meat and three specials that are served until 4:00 pm and are sure to send you into a food coma. 

While I didn't sample much of the food while I was there, I had a chance to try their Beer Cheese and Pretzel Baguette which was served with house beer cheese smear, sun dried tomato jam, and Sly-Rye Porter mustard. Literally, mouthwatering and did you notice how much beer cheese smear they provided. Yes, this dish was right up my alley. 

Even though I stuck with craft beer, I did notice that they offer $18.00 Mimosa buckets on Saturday and Sunday. (READ: Must got back for brunch) Something that you might want to check out ;) 

Welcome to the neighborhood Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall

Beer Cheese and Pretzel Baguette served with Beer Cheese Smear, Sun-Dried Tomato Jam, and Sly-Rye Porter Mustard

Tariff: Varies based on size

Can't Miss: Anything Cigar City Brewing

Potential Pass: I've got nothing! I enjoyed everything I had while I was there and look forward to exploring more brews and bites!




8 McFerrin Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee




The next stop on this imbibing adventure was Attaboy. No, there isn't a website and there isn't a phone number and that's just a couple of the things that I adore about this place. It was fortuitous the wall graffiti tipped us off that we were in the right place. 

Lucky for us, we knocked and the door was answered immediately. That's right. You can't just barge in like you do at all the other bars. Attaboy has a protocol. While there isn't a special knock, make sure you knock loud enough for the hostess to hear you. We were graciously greeted and escorted to two seats at the bar. Note: Attaboy is not a very large establishment. They have a few booths for parties between 4-6 and one larger private room. Otherwise, you will be lucky to grab a seat at the bar. As I was soaking up the vibes and scoping out the scene, our bartender came over and asked what we were in the mood for. He was our guide for this imbibing journey as there was no menu available. If you know me, you know I am up for anything when it comes to cocktails. Champs, Fernet, Tequila. Pick your poison. I rolled the dice and simply expressed that I was up for anything that was refreshing. After a few minutes of chipping ice cubes (Yes- their ice is hand carved for your cocktail- somewhat similar to the Aviary) and working his mixologist magic, this beauty was placed in front of me: a gorgeous strawberry and tequila concoction. You better believe it is one that I will forever ask for upon future visits.

Attaboy is still new to the Nashville scene and is not yet serving bites, although this is rumored to be changing in the near future. I'm sure you have heard the saying " All good things come to those who wait." Well if you are anything like me (read impatient), I recommend popping over to Attaboy earlier in the evening and stake your claim on one of the highly coveted bar seats so you can see the bartenders in action. Otherwise, you might be waiting... all night.

PS- They open at 5:00 PM

Strawberry and Tequila Concoction

Tariff: $13.00/Cocktail

Can't Miss: Said Strawberry and Tequila concoction

Potential Pass: I've got nothing for you..yet!