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Cocktailing In East Nashville

Weekends. Do you exist anymore? I am beginning to wonder. If I remember correctly, a weekend was defined by the time I closed out of PowerPoint and shut my computer down on Friday afternoon until it was booted back up on Monday morning. This time was typically used for leisurely activities: checking out movies, shopping, and cocktailing with my friends.

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Keeping It In The Family: Rhine Hall Distillery

Rhine Hall. It's a new name in the Nashville market but one that Chicagoans know very well. Nestled in the heart of West Fulton Market, Charlie and Jenny Solberg are keeping their family tradition alive producing some of the best eau de vie around. You might be scratching your head about now or pulling up a tab to google "eau de vie." Don't worry, I had to do the same thing. 

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Weekend Wrap Up: Music City Spirits and Cocktail Festival

It's been another crazy weekend in the Music City. Not only did we have the usual cast of characters: bachelor/bachelorette parties, concert-goers, and tourists, but this weekend we welcomed thousands of visitors from around the country participating in the Rock and Roll Marathon.  I, on the other hand, kept it local and had the chance to see what the Music City Spirits and Cocktail Festival was all about.

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