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Elevate Your Cocktail Game At Machine

Cocktail culture is something that not only intrigues me but is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of sipping on rum and cokes and pounding Jager-bombs, unless you still reside on a college campus or in your parent’s basement. In a world where craft cocktails are king, barflies are sipping on timeless classics like Martinis, Manhattans, and Margaritas.

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A Southern Girl's Guide to Chicago

If you’ve followed Blonde Voyage Nashville for any length of time, you know that Chicago has a special place in my heart. I’ve been traveling up there on a regular basis since 2011 and I continue to become more captivated with the the architecture, the culinary scene and the great people of the city.

Why Chicago?

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Alinea: The Gastronomic Experience That Changed My Perspective

We all have moments in our lives that can be considering defining or fundamentally changing, shaping us into the amazing humans we are today. Perhaps it’s getting your degree, persevering and finishing that first marathon, meeting the love of your life or taking your first trip abroad, each changes your perspective and outlook on life. The evening that I opened the door to Alinea was pivotal as my outlook on life and food was forever changed.

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Globetrotting Gastronomic World Tour @ Next Restaurant

For those of you who have been following Blonde Voyage Nashville, you know that I have season tickets to Next Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. It's probably the one thing that I get asked about the most as people have a difficult time ascertaining the whole "season tickets to a restaurant" concept. To be quite honest, it's been an experience for which I am incredibly grateful.

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But first, Brunch: Band of Bohemia

When one of your favorite chefs gives you a restaurant recommendation, you not only make a quick note, but you also make reservations, ASAP. 

Enjoying yet another amazing dinner at Bastion (last seen here) I started chatting with Chef Josh Habiger about upcoming travel. Well aware of the fact that he is incredibly knowledgeable about the food scene in Chicago (he did after all, work spend some time at Alinea) I thought it would be worth picking his brain for any new up and coming restaurants.

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Keeping It In The Family: Rhine Hall Distillery

Rhine Hall. It's a new name in the Nashville market but one that Chicagoans know very well. Nestled in the heart of West Fulton Market, Charlie and Jenny Solberg are keeping their family tradition alive producing some of the best eau de vie around. You might be scratching your head about now or pulling up a tab to google "eau de vie." Don't worry, I had to do the same thing. 

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Windy City Bites: Entente

While I was in the midst of my foodie reconnaissance for an upcoming trip to Chicago, I stumbled across a restaurant new to the Chicago dining scene, Entente. As I began to read through several articles, I became very excited and knew this was a must during my visit. At the helm of this new venture is Chef Brian Fisher, formerly of Michael Carlson's Schwa and Chef Mari Katsumura, formerly of Curtis Duffy's Grace. With that combination of culinary prowess, I knew I would be in for a treat.  

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Bringing a little Napa Valley to Chicago: The French Laundry @ Next Restaurant

Even though it's been almost ten years, I remember it like it was yesterday. We were driving to Yountville, sipping champagne and exchanging stories about dishes we'd heard about and speculating on what the experience would be like.  It was almost as if we were kids in school gossiping about what took place on the playground. Quite possibly the shortest 45-minute drive I've ever taken.

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Ready to Roister!

When the Alinea Group announced in 2015 that they were introducing a casual dining concept, people were waiting with bated breath to see what would develop, myself included. Well known for its innovative and provocative spin on food, the group boasts quite the list of high-caliber restaurants and bars within the Chicago area.  Roister was no exception.

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