San Francisco: Home Cafe

Home Cafe

1222 Noriega St.

San Francisco, California 94122



Visiting San Francisco meant one thing, checking out Home Cafe. Haven't heard it of? Well, stay tuned my friends. I am about to give you run down.


Two Locations:  

2018 Clement Street and 1222 Noriega St.

If you've spotted that avocado or cereal toast that you have seen constantly posted on your Insta feed, check out the Noriega Street location. The location on Clement has all of the amazing lattes as well as various snacks, but they don't have the fun avo or cereal toast. Take it from someone who learned the hard way. We ended up visiting both because I was not about to pass up that cereal toast.  Point made :)

Milk and Cereal Toast served with a Sea-Salted Caramel Latte

Choose Wisely:

The clapping of the hands. The giddiness in your step. It's going to happen when you cross the threshold and enter Home. I had but one problem with my visit. I wanted 5 different lattes and clearly, that wouldn't have been a wise decision for me or anyone involved. Temptation may come in the form of a Lavender Latte or perhaps you want that dreamy Sea-Salted Caramel Latte passing through your lips. While these are both great choices, I suspect you made the visit for the killer latte art.  Am I right?  Don't be basic. Just #treatyoself

Confession: We had our own little latte tasting because I couldn't say no. But save yourself the tummy-ache because it was TOO much caffeine and sugar. 

Cookie Monster (Cookie Butter Latte)

Birthday Cake (Rainbow Vanilla Latte)

How killer is this latte art? 

Top to Bottom: Lavender Latte, Birthday Cake, Cookie Monster Lattes


Seeing as the menu is clearly absent from their website (hopefully, this will be fixed soon), I snapped a quick pic so you could ponder your choices before you arrive.  Isn't the letter board menu the cutest!? Dying! 

Home SF Menu at Noriega Street Location

Avocado Toast Sampler: (Top to Bottom) Seoul Much Avo, Let's Avo Cuddle and Br-Avo


I'm going to be brutally honest.  I don't care if you are skipping carbs or trying to stay on your Whole 30 diet. Eff it. Splurge a little while you are here and try the toasts.  If you want to opt for something pseudo healthy, I would recommend Avocado Toast Sampler that way you can triple the avo fun and try all three varieties. 

Avocado Toast Sampler: (Top to Bottom) Seoul Much Avo, Let's Avo Cuddle and Br-Avo

If you are looking for something a little more on the sweeter side to pair with your latte, I would highly recommend the Milk and Cereal toast (featured above). While it may seem super basic, it was pleasing to the palate. I walked away with a smile on my face and a new toast to try at home. 

Tariff: Lattes/Drinks- $2.75-$5.25; Toasts-$6.00-9.50

Can't Miss: Birthday Cake Latte, Milk and Cereal Toast, Avocado Toast Sample

Potential Pass: Cookie Monster, Sea Salted Caramel (Hard to say because I really liked both, but if I had to make a cut.)