Monique Cellars


VARIETAL:  Sauvignon Blanc


REGION: Central Coast


PRICE: $6.99



If you’ve been following TJ Tuesday for any length of time, you know that I am a red wine enthusiast. To add a little more variety to TJ Tuesday ( and help those who tend to lean towards white wine), I decided to swap it up a bit and introduce a Sauvignon Blanc into the rotation this week. Admittedly,I chose this bottle based on the pretty label. Who doesn’t love pretty things? After the heatwave that we’ve been experiencing in Nashville, this wine hit the spot. I poured myself a rather large glass and began to give it a swirl. Here were some of my initial observations:

  • This bottle has a screw top. While I realize many have feelings about this, it should never deter you from exploring the flavors and complexity of a wine.

  • Golden straw hue

  • Crisp/sharp nose, in true Sauvignon Blanc style, with notes of tropical fruit and citrus on the nose

  • Light-Medium body, although I believe it falls toward the higher end of the light spectrum

  • Medium acidity

  • Grapefruit and lemon/citrus notes


After having a couple of glasses of this wine, I wasn’t blown away. It was lacking a certain wow factor for me. For the price point, it’s not a terrible wine, but will I tell you to run to Trader Joe’s and purchase it? Likely not.

For all my white wine lovers, stay tuned for next as I will be reviewing a Chardonnay!

Until Next Time!