Espiral Vinho Verde

Espiral Vinho Verde

Vintage: Not Listed

Region: Northern Portugal

Alcohol Percentage: 9.0%

Price: $4.99

Tasting Notes: 

Gang, where do I start. If you tuned into TJ Tuesday, you found out quickly how much I love this wine. This is the PERFECT wine to sip on the patio or even take to the pool (of course pouring it into a non-glass container first).  

  • Light/Medium Body
  • Medium Acidity
  • Citrus/Pear Notes
  • Clean, Fresh and Crisp
  • Slight Fizzy Finish

If you're making mimosas and you don't want to open a bottle of bubbles (weekday mims anyone?) this would be the perfect substitute. 

Verdict: Head to Trader Joe's ASAP and grab a case. You will thank me later! 

Until Next Time!