Weekend Wandering: French Lick, Indiana

Isn’t This View Breathtaking?

Weekend Wandering: French Lick, Indiana

Undoubtedly, travel enriches your life. Not only does it allow you to learn about different cultures and become a more well-rounded individual but it can often be a time of self-reflection and give a renewed sense of adventure. A few weeks ago, I was traveling internationally, racing from terminal to terminal in hopes of making my flight on time. Sprinting through the Heathrow airport, I thought to myself “ this is why I workout, so I can make my flights.” Joking aside, I started to think about my last road trip.


Was I having a momentary case of memory loss or had it really been that long. It had really been that long. Two years to be exact. Even though road trips can be a little extra work, it gives you considerable flexibility when it comes to your departure time, itinerary and even packing. And let’s not forget the best part, you don’t have to eat that dreadful airplane food!

Back home and settled, I decided that I’d grab one of my girlfriends and we’d take our inaugural road trip of 2019 to French Lick, Indiana. Below you will find a few of my favorites from our weekend filled with fun, food, and relaxation.

How Did French Lick Get Its Name?

While there are a number of stories floating around on how French Lick acquired its name, this one seems to be the most widely accepted version. Back in the 1800s, the area now known as French Lick was originally inhabited by a group of French settlers. This group of settlers set up a trading post near a mineral spring and salt lick. These springs were said to have healing powers which had people flocking to the well known “spa town” during the latter half of the 19th century.

Aside from it’s “spa-town” reputation, French Lick is also known as the hometown to basketball legend, Larry Bird.

Getting to French Lick, Indiana

From Nashville, French Lick is an easy drive up I-65N. Depending on the number of stops, you should easily be able to reach the destination in three and a half or four hours.

Keep in mind, French Lick is located in the Eastern Time Zone, so be mindful of that when making reservations, etc.

Staycation or Vacation

Celebrating your anniversary or a special occasion? Perhaps you’ve found yourself with a kid-free weekend on the calendar. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway or just a quick escape from reality, French Lick is for you.

There are two primary hotels in the area: French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel. While I had the chance to explore each property, I stayed at West Baden Springs Hotel.

As you enter the hotel, you’re immediately captivated by the awe-inspiring atrium that spans approximately 200 feet. I can easily see why this was once called the “eighth wonder of the world.” It’s as if you’ve entered a different era as the hotel exudes the elegance of the 1920s.

For all of my fellow pet lovers, West Baden has pet-friendly accommodations, so feel free to bring your favorite four-legged family member along for the adventure!

Featured: The Deluxe Outside View Guest Room

Activities and Attractions

What kind of vacation do you prefer? One filled with rest and relaxation or a trip filled with adventure and excitement? For me, I enjoy a balance of adventure and relaxation and French Lick was the perfect place. There’s literally something for everyone. For those looking for more of an active vacation, there are three golf courses, hiking trails and bike rentals available. Nonetheless, those seeking a little R&R can meander around the garden or head directly to the pool or spa.

Over the weekend I had a chance to do a little of both!

The Spirit of Jasper

Spirit Of Jasper

201 Mill Street

Jasper, Indiana 47546


One thing I’ve always wanted to experience is a dinner train and I had the opportunity to do so while I was visiting French Lick for the weekend. Located about forty minutes outside of the resort, guests can book experiences on the Spirit of Jasper Luxury Passenger Train. The Ride and Dine departs the train station at 6:00 p.m. and takes guests on an 18-mile round-trip dining experience.

Dinner and beverages are catered by the Schnitzelbank, a locally owned, German restaurant.

For those guests looking for something a little different than the standard “Ride and Dine,” the Spirit of Jasper has introduced several new experiences including a Pizza, Beer, Ride, and Dine and for those with a sweet tooth a Chocolate, Wine, and Dine.

You can click HERE for more information on the various excursions offered.

The Spa At West Baden Springs Hotel


From brunching and Netflix binges to cooking classes and craft beer tastings, there's nothing better than spending quality time with my girls. But my ideal girlfriend getaway involves spending the weekend at a luxurious spa. The Spa at West Baden Springs Hotel, which is ranked as one of the Top 50 Hotel Spas in the U.S. by Condé Nast, is the ultimate in relaxation. Whether you soak in the sprudel water, relax in the tranquility room or opt for a scrumptious body scrub and Swedish massage, you will leave relaxed, de-stressed and with a smile on your face.

Enjoying The Tranquility Room At The Spa At West Baden

French Lick Casino

8670 IN-56

French Lick, Indiana 47432


Roll the dice, spin the reels and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience in French Lick, Indiana. Since the closest thing to gambling in Tennessee is scratch off-tickets for the lottery, I was more than excited to bring my bankroll and hope that luck was on my side.

For those guests who are looking for thrill and action, the French Lick Casino offers an assortment of table games. Try your hand at a classic game of 21, place your bets on black or throw your chips on the pass line, everyone is sure to find their favorite. Looking for a game where the stakes aren’t as high? Never fear, the casino has over 1000 new and classic slots available. You can spin and win all night long.

Regardless of the stakes, everyone can get in the game.

Ballard’s In The Atrium

After spending one heck of a night at the French Lick Casino, I was riding a winner’s high like no other. I decided to take it easy and sleep in before grabbing a late lunch at Ballard’s In The Atrium. Guests can enjoy alfresco dining in the atrium all while sipping their favorite cocktail and listening to live music. Ballard’s has quite a comprehensive menu with a wide variety of menu offerings.

Colossal Shrimp Cocktail At Ballard’s

Before I made the journey back to Nashville, I had to take one final stroll through the beautiful gardens at West Baden. It was almost as if I was wandering around my own personal fairy tale. They were simply exquisite. Maybe you want to grab a cup of coffee and take a stroll or perhaps you’re looking for a place for mindful meditation, the gardens are perfect for either. When you’re finished admiring the dreamy manicured space, don’t forget to pop over to the veranda and take in the view.

Road trips are some of the best trips. Not only are they more affordable but you have the opportunity to spend quality time with those in the car, catch up on podcasts, rock out to your favorite music and play silly car games. If you’re looking for your next adventure, add French Lick, Indiana to your list!

Click HERE to learn more about French, Lick Indiana

Note: This post is sponsored by Indiana Tourism; but as always, all opinions are my own.

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