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Chef Ryan Poli's Swan Song At The Catbird Seat

In 2011, the Goldberg brothers, masterminds behind Strategic Hospitality, transformed the culinary scene in Nashville when they unveiled The Catbird Seat. Unlike any other restaurant in Music City, the Catbird Seat elevates the dining experience as guests gather around a twenty-two seat U-shaped bar and are entertained and enthralled by the stylings of the chef and his team.

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Hello, Henrietta Red!

Hi Everyone!! I know it's been a while, but I have some fantastic things coming your way. I cannot wait to share my most recent adventures in NYC.

Literally, I stepped off the plane and hightailed it to Nashville's newest restaurant, Henrietta Red. Nestled between Cochon Butcher and City House on 4th Avenue North, Henrietta Red is a restaurant/ barroom serving up a variety of coastal fare.

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Bastion's Bingo Game: A Fresh Take on Tasting Menus


I have been a fan of the Goldberg Brothers for years. They single handedly changed my twenties opening up one of the very first trendsetting bars in Nashville, Bar Twenty3.  As their Nashville footprint grew, they launched Strategic Hospitality, responsible for 75% of my favorite bars and restaurants in Nashville.  Anytime I hear about one of their concepts brewing, I can't wait to check it out.

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