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Dinner Time Stories With Le Petit Chef

In the past twenty years, the word dinner has taken on an entirely different meaning for me. Dinner used to be the obligatory family meal where I was forced to eat my veggies and talk about my day at school. Just what a moody teenager wants to do, right? As my interest in food flourished, dinner became much more than just a meal. It was an experience. One that I would go to great lengths to seek out. From the chef's culinary creativity to the actual food itself, it's my hope that these "experiences" inspire me and challenge both my mind and palate. 

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A Nashville Classic: McCabe Pub

Since Nashville has achieved "IT" city status, the hospitality industry has grown exponentially. Nashville has become a culinary melting pot with restaurant openings becoming a weekly occurrence, making it difficult for this food blogger to keep up.

With all of the delicious new options, it's nice to revisit a classic from time to time. This week I visited an old friend, McCabe Pub

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