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Torc: A Feast For Your Senses

After spending an entire day tasting in Napa Valley, one can grow weary of wine. I didn't think it was humanly possible, but after visiting several vineyards throughout Napa and Coombsville, this girl needed a cocktail.

This particular trip to Napa was unlike any other. Ordinarily, I have our dinners along with our tastings planned out, but given the fact that I've logged several trips to Napa, I decided to roll the dice and let things happen as they may. Sometimes this is the best way to find out about new restaurants because despite what we think, not everything is on the internet! Ha! 

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Lyra - Adding A Little Twinkle To East Nashville

When the Holland House shuttered in July 2017, East Nashville residents were saddened to see one of their favorite local watering holes close. But thanks to the husband and wife duo, Hrant and Elizabeth Arakelian, this former East Nashville haunt has been revived.  Lyra serves Middle Eastern cuisine that's far from your basic baba ganoush. 

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