A Perfect Ending To A Week In Geneva: Le Flacon

Chef Yoann Caloué

Finance by day food by night is the mantra that I have been living by since I started Blonde Voyage Nashville three years ago. While I spend my days as a project manager who’s often eyeball deep in spreadsheets or slide decks, my evenings are filled with food tastings, checking out Nashville’s newest establishments and networking with some of Music City’s most enthusiastic foodies. Life is all about balance, right?

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Geneva, Switzerland and lead a week-long workshop. Never mind the weeks of preparation leading up to the trip or the hours of facilitation and presentation that would take place the week of, I was ecstatic. I could not wait to explore Geneva, not to mention that I would get yet another new stamp on my passport.

Given the full agenda for the week, I knew that I would only have one evening open and I had to make the most of it. Finishing up my research on the best chocolate shops ( which is a must by the way if you are in Switzerland), I moved on to Michelin star restaurants in the area. Fun Fact: Geneva has 13 restaurants with one Michelin star and only one restaurant with two stars. However, there was one restaurant in particular that piqued my interest, Le Flacon.

Le Flacon

Rue Vautier 45, 1227

Carouge, Switzerland

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Located in the heart of old Carouge, Le Flacon creates a Michelin star dining experience unlike anything else I’ve experienced. While a Michelin star is a hallmark of fine dining, restaurants of this distinction are notorious for being unapproachable and intimidating. However, my experience at Le Flacon proved to be quite the contrary.

After one wild Uber ride through the streets of Geneva (pretty sure it was my driver’s first ride), I arrived a few minutes early for my reservation. I submitted my reservation request weeks in advance requesting the “Chef’s Table.” Knowing that many restaurants of this caliber don’t usually cater to solo diners, I was holding my breath when I walked in.

“Right this way.”

Smiling as I sighed with relief, I spotted my quaint little table overlooking center stage, the kitchen. Settling in, I perused the menu but I immediately became fixated upon the carefully choreographed dance that was occurring in the kitchen. I find it so intoxicating to watch a dish plated.

Dessert Preparation

The Kitchen Staff In Action

Before I knew it, I was greeted by my server and still had no clue about what to order. While the Chef’s Tasting caught my eye, the courses weren’t detailed and I knew I would need more information. As I chatted with my server, he shared that Chef Yoann Caloué creates a unique tasting menu for each guest.


I couldn’t wait to taste the dishes Chef Yoann chose to showcase that evening.

Tuna + Kumquat + Cucumber (Left) Tomato + Cherry Gazpacho (Right)

Within what felt like a matter of seconds, a glass of champagne and the amuse-bouche arrived. As I was enjoying my Tomato and Cherry Gazpacho, I thought to myself if these first bites were this enjoyable, how incredible would dinner be?

Perched in perhaps what was the best vantage point in the restaurant, I watched as Chef Yoann and his staff prepared the most beautiful dish. I could only hope that what he was preparing would eventually find its way in front of me.

Could These Dishes Be Any Prettier?

Luckily, I had a chance to indulge in what was one of the prettiest courses of the evening, Seabream. Despite the delicate nature of the dish, the flavors were quite robust.

Marinated Seabream + Nectarine + Almon

My next course was one of the more popular dishes at Le Flacon, the Black Cod and Miso. I’ve had this particular combination at several restaurants on the West coast, but I thoroughly enjoyed how Chef added layers of texture with the crispy artichoke and polenta.

Black Cod And Miso + Artichoke + Polenta + Zucchini

For my final savory course, the chef transformed one of his classic pork dishes into a veal course with summer truffles. The combination of the swiss chart and sweet onion was the perfect accompaniment to the tender veal. I ‘m pretty sure I didn’t leave a speck of food on the plate, it was so delicious.

Beer Stein Veal + Summer Truffle + Swiss Chard + Sweet Onion

What an experience. I was enjoying myself so much that I ended up extending my tasting menu and sampling the cheese platter. After all, who doesn’t love a little cheese and wine?

Concluding the chef’s tasting was a brilliant strawberry concoction complete with sponge cake and yogurt ice cream. Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. It was an ideal ending to an evening of refined cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Strawberries + Sponge Cake + Creme Double + Yogurt Ice Cream

Dinner at Le Flacon was the perfect ending to a week in Geneva. Not only did I have a chance to experience the city, but it was wonderful to escape the work hustle and explore Carouge. I mentioned it before, but Le Flacon is unlike any other Michelin starred restaurant I’ve been to. From the rustic and relaxed atmosphere to the welcoming and accommodating staff, I had an extraordinary experience. While solo dining can be a bit daunting, the staff definitely put me at ease and made my evening one I would never forget. If you find yourself in Geneva, Le Flacon is open for both lunch and dinner and it worth leaving the city to experience.

Tariff: For a Michelin starred restaurant, I believe the price point is very reasonable. Appetizers range from 26 CHF-29 CHF while entrees vary from 45 CHF to 62 CHF. If you allow Chef Yoann Caloué to create a one of a kind tasting menu, prices are as follows: four courses 85 CHF and seven courses 115 CHF. These prices don’t include wine pairing which is available if you so choose.

Can’t Miss: I truly enjoyed every single dish I had that evening, so much so I wish I would have opted for the seven-course tasting menu. However, if you choose to order a la carte, I’d say the Seabream and the Black Cod and Miso were both outstanding. Not only were they gorgeous dishes, but the flavor profile was beyond amazing.

Potential Pass: While it may sound trite, there’s not one dish that I would not order again. Chef Yoann Caloué has flawless execution in the kitchen and it was evident in each dish.

Until Next Time!