Osteria Del Tempo Perso: Ostuni, Italy

The Darling Entrance Of Osteria Del Tempo Perso

Osteria del Tempo Perso

Via Tanzarella Vitale 47, 72017 Ostuni

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When I travel abroad, I inevitably find one dish I fall head over heels in love with. Of course, I arrive back in the states and try my hardest to find a dish locally that emulates it. Realizing that it is an impossible task, I end up scrolling through pictures on my phone re-living that meal. 

This past week was no different. Overcast rainy Nashville nights had me craving pasta. Not just any pasta, ravioli stuffed with burrata, parmesan cream and topped with black truffle. Seems like an easy enough dish to come by, right? Maybe in some larger metropolitan cities, but not Nashville. With longing eyes, a hungry stomach and wine in hand, I took a trip down memory lane and relived one of my favorite lunches in Italy, Osteria del Tempo Perso.

During my trip to Puglia, we spent a day exploring Ostuni which is known for its beautiful whitewashed buildings. Our amazing retreat guide, Erin, mentioned that she had one of the most incredible meals during her last visit. As soon as she uttered the word "truffle," there was no decision to be made. 

Explore Ostuni or indulging in an incredible meal with truffles? You know me by now. Of course, I chose truffles. (Don't worry, there was plenty of time left afterward for exploring. That walk was necessary after all the delectable food!)

After meandering through several small alleys, climbing what felt like a mountain and hiking up several stairs, we reached Osteria Del Tempo Perso. Unless you have dined there before or have an amazing sense of direction, you would walk right past the entrance. 

Osteria Del Tempo Perso is QUITE the popular place. Despite our brisk walk and early arrival, we ended up in line behind several locals excited to indulge in some delicious pasta. 

From warehouses to rooftops, I've dined in a variety of locations, but this was my first ever cave dining experience. I love how they decorated the space and that bar! Swoon! 

Inside Osteria Del Tempo Perso

Such A Lovely And Quaint Place

Dying Over This Beauty! What A Bar!

Resolved in my entree selection, I began checking out the rest of the menu. Perhaps it was my hunger but I wanted EVERYTHING on the menu. Dish after dish caught my eye. Having a reputation for over-ordering, I was fortunate that my friends reigned me in. 

As a little welcome, the chef sent over bite-sized fish fritters. Typically, this is not something that would be on my radar, but I was surprised how light and tasty they were. 

Amuse Bouche- Fish Fritters

After pouring over the menu and LOTS of conversation, we finally decided on two appetizers: Stewed Artichokes and Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms. (Secretly, I was lobbying for the zucchini blossoms because that's one of my favorite things to have when I'm in Italy.

It may sound absurd, but food tastes better when I'm Italy. From the tomatoes, cheese and without a doubt the wine, everything is impeccable. I was pleasantly surprised with the artichokes and absolutely loved the zucchini blossoms I find it so fascinating that a delicate blossom could have such flavor and depth. And well, it was stuffed with cheese, so this girl will never say no to that! 

Curiosity always gets the best of me. Which would you choose?

Stewed Artichokes

Tempura Of Zucchini Flower Stuffed With Mozzarella And Anchovy

Let's talk truffles. If I were to have a last meal on Earth, I can assure you it would include truffles in various capacities. 

As our server approached the table with our entrees, I couldn't help but let out a small squeal and a few claps. Don't worry America, I didn't embarrass you. Come on, he was bringing me little pillows of pasta filled with decadent cheese and topped with black truffles. I feel quite confident that you too would squeal with delight. 

Many of you may be looking at this photo thinking that we were cheated with such a small dish of pasta. Quite the contrary. These pillows of pasta were so rich that neither of my friends could finish it. SMH. Being the hero of the meal, it was my personal goal not to leave any ravioli or truffle behind. After all, that would be catastrophic.

Ravioli Stuffed With Burrata, Parmesan Cream And Black Truffle

Smiling from ear to ear with delight, I couldn't possibly entertain another bite. Thank God for flowy dresses, am I right?

If you ever find yourself wandering the gorgeous whitewashed city of Ostuni or if you are simply planning a trip to Puglia, I cannot recommend Osteria Del Tempo Perso enough. The food was delightful and the service was flawless. I absolutely felt like I was home. 

Tariff: Appetizers range from €12.00-€18.00 with pasta ranging from  €10.00-€25.00 a dish.

Can't Miss: As if I need to write this Ravioli stuffed with Burrata, Parmesan Cream and topped with Black Truffle. There was another dish, Tagliolini with White Truffle, that also sounded amazing, so consider that, too. 

Potential Pass: I wasn't a huge fan of the small fish fritters but that's probably because I am not a huge fan of fish. However, I can honestly say there is nothing I wouldn't order again. 

Until Next Time!