Brunch So Hard: Public House Bar and Kitchen

While working my way through the various brunches in Nashville (is that list ever long), I stumbled upon Public House Bar and Kitchen. This was not my first time at the Urban Cowboy outpost. I have spent many a night sipping bourbon cocktails at their bar or curled up by their fire pit, but it was my first food encounter. 

My partner in dine and I grabbed a couple of seats at the bar and set up shop for the duration. Little did we know that this would be one of the best and busiest spots in the restaurant.

Without a doubt, Public House has become my favorite brunch spot in Music City. Even though I'd love to keep this little secret to myself, I have to share the goodness with all of my favorite people! 

Below are a few tips that will ensure an optimal brunch experience! 

Brunch 101 : Public House Bar and Kitchen

Arrive early. 

Public House serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.  

While you may not want to be the first one through the door, you most certainly don't want to be the last.  

One of my favorite things about Public House is their ever changing menu. Updated daily based on the seasonality of the ingredients, many of the featured items are limited. I learned this lesson the hard way.  Stay tuned. 

Go Big or Go Home. 

I learned this lesson the hard way during my first visit. We chose just a couple of items off the menu to start thinking that we would gauge our hunger rather than over order and fall into an instant food coma. WRONG. We went back to order the Crab Roll- gone, the Tomato Sandwich-gone. For lack of better words, we were shi* out of luck. 

Crab Roll

Going forward, if there are entrees in question, we ask up front if it's a limited item and if so, we throw caution to the wind and our waistlines and pull the trigger. 

Swooning over the most amazing tomato sandwich in the history of the south, the bartender mentioned that people will arrive when the doors open and order multiples of that sandwich because they have missed out far too many times. 

Note: The kitchen only prepares enough ingredients to make fifty of these glorious sandwiches. Rest assured you will want more than one. 

Tomato Sandwich

Ask Questions. 

Minimalist. It's the only way to describe the menu at Public House which can be a blessing and a curse. If you see something that piques your curiosity, do yourself a favor and ask. Sometimes the simplest menu items are the toughest sell. 

Beet Toast with Walnuts and Horseradish

Triple Creme, Grilled Peach, Baguette

Relax and Enjoy. 

Chefs Tom Bayless, Mayme Gretsch Walker, and Colby Landis, all former veterans of the Catbird Seat are creating magic back in the kitchen. I can honestly say that I have yet to run across an insipid bite. 

Urban Cowboy is filled with character and has a certain charm that is unique to the East Nashville neighborhood. Order one of their fabulous brunch cocktails, my favorite being the Rosé Paloma, grab a seat and soak up the vibes. 

Pecan Roll

Tariff: Menu items vary between $6.00-$15.00 with sides between $4.00-5.00

Can't Miss: Tomato Sandwich (although I am not sure how much longer this little jewel will be around)

Potential Pass: Haven't found one yet!

Until Next Time!