Loco for Locanda Marinelli

After spending the day tasting an array of Proseccos from Adami and Col Vetoraz, I was starving. Perhaps, borderline hangry. Oriana, our driver in Prosecco, recommended this lovely inn, Locanda Marinelli, for lunch. Nestled in the hills of Treviso Prealps, Locanda Marinelli is a must for anyone visiting the Prosecco region. 

Locanda Marinelli

Via Castella, 5

31010 Col San Martino (Treviso)


Locanda Marinelli: Walking up just a few stairs to reach the restaurant

Locanda Marinelli: These grapes tasted just as good as they looked!

Locanda Marinelli: Aren't these pomegranates terrific?

Locanda Marinelli has three charming rooms that are available to guests. While I didn't have a chance to enjoy one of the guest rooms, they appear to be quaint and cozy. And, they offer WI-FI:)  Interested in seeing pictures? Click here

Locanda Marinelli: The sitting area in the foyer. I could curl up with a bourbon and a book...what about you?

Locanda Marinelli: The official "bar" of the inn

Seeing as we basically closed down the vineyards, it was relatively late for lunch, in fact, we were the only people in there other than some guests that arrived a bit later. 

Locanda Marinelli: How cozy is this little table?

Locanda Marinelli: Just one of the many truffle chip skewers I devoured!

Locanda Marinelli: Just one of the many truffle chip skewers I devoured!

During our drive, Oriana asked if I enjoyed truffles. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I literally die for truffles. White or black, it doesn't matter, I am a truffle enthusiast. She mentioned that Locanda Marinelli served some savory truffle chips and I should give them a try. As soon as we sat down, I immediately ordered truffle chips. Expecting them to be along the lines of hand cut chips, I was surprised when they were presented to the table and resembled larger fries/potato wedges. Without a second of hesitation, keep in mind these were freshly cooked and a tad bit warm, I picked up a skewer. OH.MY.TRUFFLE.GOODNESS. Insert eyes rolling back into my head here. Before she even left the table, we had placed a second order, not to mention we had yet to make a decision on our entrees. 

Locanda Marinelli: Truffle Chips.... what dreams are made of!

Inundated with such amazing flavors, I didn't care what I ordered because I was confident that it would put a smile on my face. Some Italian was exchanged between Oriana and the chef and a recommendation was made: Tagliatelle served with green onions, tomatoes, peas, small squid, mussels, and Santo Sprinto shrimps. 

Still reeling in the truffle magic that was presented earlier, I grabbed my glass of wine and began to wander around the establishment. It's not often that you find lodging with such character and charm...and amazing food for that matter! 

Within a matter of minutes, my pasta arrived at the table. Such a gorgeous nest of tagliatelle with so many rich flavors. As I write this, I remember how heavenly the first bite was. Unknowingly, I had created the perfect bite incorporating each of the ingredients. My mouth still waters when I think about this meal. 

Locanda Marinelli: Tagliatelle served with green onions, tomatoes, peas, small squid, mussels, and Santo Sprinto shrimps

While chatting with Oriana, I discovered that this husband and wife team have owned and operated Locanda Marinelli for over fifty years. He oversees the day to day operations and logistics while she is in charge of the kitchen and the menu. The menu changes daily based on what ingredients are in season and available. I applaud them as they clearly have a well-oiled machine.

Confession: This was by far the most satisfying and enjoyable meal that I had while in Venice. Forget the World's 50 Best list or the Michelin star ratings, Locanda Marinelli is where it's at! 

Can't Miss: Truffle Chips ( without a doubt)

Potential Pass: I've got nothing....I loved it all

Tariff: Appetizers range from 5€-9€ while larger courses range between 14€-26€

This concludes my adventures in Venice. I hope you've enjoyed the island hopping as much I as I have. If you find yourself in Italy and have a few days to spare, I may have a few recommendations for you :)

Until Next Time!

Locanda Marinelli: Grabbing a quick photo with this creative kitchen genius!