Life Is Sweet At Baked On 8th

Baked on 8th

1512 8th Ave South

Nashville, TN 37203

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Living in Nashville, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of hot chicken, barbecue, burgers or craft beer. But when it comes to bakeries, it’s a bit of a different story.

From of charming cupcakes boutiques to the famous 100-layer donut, Nashville has you covered. When it comes to cakes, cookies, and other classic confectioneries, where do Nashvillians go to remedy their sweet tooth?

Baked on 8th.

If you’ve driven down Eighth Avenue this summer, without a doubt you have seen the eye-catching, pie-popping mural that says “Life Can Be Sweet.” Aside from wanting to snap a picture of one of the cutest murals in Music City, I was eager to see what this bake shop had in store.

As I approached the door, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped slowly. Container after container lined the counter filled with the most charming confectionery delights. (It’s days like this where I want to say to hell with myfitnesspal! Am I right?)

After my giddiness subsided, I began to take a look around. The interior is adorned with vibrant pistachio floral wallpaper and there’s ample seating for those who want to grab a beverage, sit for a while and sample the sweets.

Sit a while in this nook and sample ALL the sweets!

These towels are the cutest and the hutch makes it seem like home!

Have you ever seen such gorgeous cakes?

Assorted pastries, scones, breads and brownies

It’s no exaggeration, the options really are endless. After thoroughly surveying the territory, I was drawn to what initially caught my eye, the frosted sugar cookies. Y’all, these are far from basic. In fact, Baked on 8th sugar cookies will make you swoon. From the clever designs to the delicious flavor, you will be hooked. I promise you that.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, a friend or perhaps you just want to get out of baking cookies for your children’s school, these are the cookies you want.

With so many options, how is a girl to choose?

Sugar Cookies That Will Make You Swoon!

Yeah, I Had One Of Each

It wouldn’t be a bakery without an assortment of brownies and blondies. Again, I like to make pretty choices, so I couldn’t leave without grabbing a galaxy brownie. It was literally out of this world!

I cobbled together my own sampler box which included the frosted sugar cookies, blondies, galaxy brownies, hello dollies and a few other items that caught my eye. #Sugarcoma here I come!

Those Galaxy Brownies Are Out Of This World!

Sweets As Far As The Eye Can See

Baked on 8th is making life in Nashville sweet. I can assure you that the treats taste as good as look. Open seven days a week, you have no excuse not to stop by. Click here for their hours of operation.

Until Next Time!