Hypnotized by Hugh Baby's

Hugh Baby's

4816 Charlotte Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 37209

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Burgers. It's one thing that Nashville does not have a shortage of. From the classics like Gabby's  Burgers and Fries, Paradise Park and Burger Up to the newcomers like Jack Brown's and Hopdoddy, it's hard to go wrong. However, Nashvillians are as opinionated about their burgers as Chicagoans are about their pizza. Everyone has a favorite and they are more than willing to tell you why they are right. With so many options available, I feel like it challenges restaurants to keep their burger game strong. One undercooked patty or stale bun could ruin it for them. 

About a year ago, there were rumblings on the food scene that Pitmaster Pat Martin was expanding his restaurant empire and taking on a different type of cuisine, fast food. Some were left scratching their head, but I knew that anything Pat Martin touched turned to gold. Not only has he single-handedly "spread the gospel of whole hog barbeque," but he has created quite the cult following of barbeque lovers. And yes, I am guilty of jumping on that bandwagon. Trust me, when you eat his food, you will too.

Opening in August 2017, Hugh Baby's literally had a line out the door the day they opened. I decided to play it cool and wait a bit and let the crowds dwindle. I waited and waited and waited and every single time I drove by Hugh Baby's there was a crowd. To hell with it. I pulled in the parking lot, grabbed the last spot and made my way to the front door. When I got inside, there were quite a few people waiting but the line moved remarkably fast and I didn't have to wait too long. Whew. So let's get into the delicious details, shall we?

That Burger Though.... Drooling. Period.

Menu: Hugh Baby's keeps it simple serving burgers, barbeque, and hot dogs. Pat Martin got creative for those of us torn between his classic barbeque and one of his burgers and created the BBQ Burger giving us the best of both worlds. While I haven't tried it, it's at the top of my list for my next visit. On Fridays, Martin also serves the famous Corinth, Mississippi Slugburger.  Want to see what else is on the menu? Click here

Let's talk portion size. I like to think that I try to keep my portions in check... I mean, if there's a vat of queso in front of me, I may dive in face first, but you know what I mean. After spying a few of these burgers on insta and seeing several orders come out while I was in line, I knew the burgers were going to be a bit on the smaller side. Hugh Baby burgers are bigger than a slider but smaller than a whopper if that helps you at all. I seem to always order a double cheeseburger and am always satisfied. 

Make your way to tater town! Hugh Baby's offers two type of fries: Basic and Chili Cheese. GO ALL IN. Say to hell with My Fitness Pal and get the chili cheese fries. You won't regret it. The chili is fresh and the cheese is melted perfectly. I tend to ask for extra cheese but I like being extra sometimes :)

Double Cheeseburgers and Chili Cheese Fries with Extra Cheese... Yes EXTRA!

Still in the mood for something sweet? Hugh Baby's serves three types of milkshakes: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Personally, I can vouch for the last two and while I am a chocolate enthusiast, the strawberry kicked ass!

Torn between the Chocolate and Strawberry Shakes? Go with the Strawberry and prepare to be blown away!

As we approach 2018, I know that many of you will implement fitness regiments and start strict diets with the hopes of becoming healthier and happier in the new year. If one final splurge meal is on the agenda, go to Hugh Baby's. Savor every bite because it's worth every single calorie.

For those out of towners coming to check out Nashville's food scene, add this to your list of hot chicken restaurants and biscuit joints because Hugh Baby's is Nashville's newest staple. 

Until Next Time!