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Everything Fall At Green Door Gourmet

Garden Harvest Celebration

Hosted by Nashville Edit

Benefitting The Nashville Food Project

Oh, fall. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. The crisp, cool air that hits my face

  2. The changing colors of the leaves

  3. Sweater Weather and all things cozy clothing that comes with cooler temperature ( I’m happy to say bu-bye to bikinis)

  4. Pumpkin-Spice EVERYTHING ( Really, I could stop here)

  5. Curling up by a crackling fire

  6. Football Season (At least I pretend that I am watching)

  7. Swapping salads for soups and stews (Bring on the chili!)

  8. Dark nail polish becomes acceptable again

  9. The return of our favorite television shows

  10. Pumpkin Patches

  11. Boots become a fashion staple

  12. Leaves crackling under your feet

  13. Hot Toddies and Hot Chocolate

  14. Halloween

  15. Pumpkin Carving

  16. Porters and Stouts take over the beer taps

  17. Holiday Season and the decorating that comes with it

  18. Thanksgiving

  19. Scarves

  20. Sharing sunsets and making memories with great friends

Raise your hand if you are a pumpkin-picking, fall-loving Nashvillian? I know I am not the only person who enjoys trading swimsuits for sweaters and scarves and flip-flops for boots and bonfires. Fall signals cooler weather, crisp leaves and the unofficial start to the holiday season. Driving throughout Nashville, I am often overcome with excitement as I see families in search of the perfect pumpkin and houses adorned with fall flair.

Recently, I had the chance to celebrate this change of the seasons with my favorites from Nashville Edit at their annual Garden Harvest Celebration at Green Door Gourmet. Nashville Edit showcases the people, places, and happenings that both entertain and educate readers on how to live their best life including all things Nashville. They are by far one of my favorite Nashville publications.

Guests began the evening in the chef’s garden sipping on Woodford Reserve cocktails and enjoying the grazing boards curated by Noshboards Franklin. I’m a firm believer that you can never go wrong with bourbon and the Woodford Reserve Gold Rush did not disappoint. It was light enough that it paired perfectly with the selections on the grazing board.

Beautiful Grazing Board In The Chef’s Garden At The Green Door Gourmet | Created By: NoshBoards Franklin

After some socializing and sipping on signature cocktails, we were transported to the most beautiful outdoor dining area I’ve ever seen. As guests settled in and took their seats for the evening, the air was alive with chatter and laughter. I for one was anxiously awaiting the first course by chef Robbie Wilson.

Beautiful Tablescapes By AmosEvents

Picture Perfect Scenery

My “OG” Nashvillians may remember Robbie Wilson as the culinary mastermind that put the M Street restaurants on the map. Wilson and his wife moved to Nashville in 2010 and in a matter of two years he operated four restaurants (Kayne Prime, Tavern, Whiskey Kitchen and Virago) simultaneously. He was a culinary pioneer that took a chance on Nashville and forever transformed the dining scene into what it is today.

Our first course was an unexpected treat from chefs Robbie Wilson and Spencer Hayes of Le Fantastique, Wild Buri, that was flown in on the same day from Japan. I’ve had the opportunity to sample some incredible fish during my travels, but this fish was absolutely exquisite. Not only did the Buri melt in your mouth but the sauce was extraordinary. One bite and my mind was made up, a trip to San Franciso and Le Fantastique were absolutely in order.

Wild Buri | Puffed Rice + Horseradish + Spruce + A Sauce Made From Its Own Bones

Admittedly, I was distracted. I was savoring every last bite of the Buri and before I knew it, our next course arrived. Prepared by chef Richard Jones of Green Door Gourmet, our second course epitomized fall: Pumpkin Bisque served with Russian Red Kale. Topping off this hearty soup were pork belly lardons which added the perfect texture and saltiness to the dish. Not to mention, they were a tasty little snack.

Pumpkin Bisque + Red Russian Kale | Pork Belly Lardon + Heirloom Radish + Apple Butter Dressing

For our third course of the evening, Wilson showcased a restaurant new to Nashville, E3 Chophouse, which is scheduled to open fall 2019. Guests enjoyed the E3 Short Rib served with fragrant herbs and Carolina Gold Rice. The flavor combination was excellent and the meat was deliciously tender. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the E3 opening.

E3 Short Rib | Black Soy + Sunflower Seed Miso + Fragrant Herbs+ Reggiano Sabayon + Carolina Gold Rice

As guests finished the final savory course of the evening, we were instructed to make our way to the barn for dessert and a live performance by Grammy Award-winning Hall of Fame member Tim Nichols and Jason Sellers.

Our dessert course was prepared by none other than Caitlyn Jarvis of Henrietta Red and The Party Line. Savoring each bite of Wood Roasted Apple and marshmallow mousse, guests were thoroughly entertained by the musical stylings and banter of Nichols and Sellers. Unfortunately, I failed to snap a photo of this delightful dessert, which only means I had the best time!

Tim Nichols And Jason Sellers Entertaining While Guest Enjoy Dessert

What an incredible evening celebrating fall and the Nashville Food Project. The Nashville Edit team throws one hell of a party. While there are only four events a year, make sure you sign up here to get on their list.

Until Next Time!