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Balancing my passion for food and wine and a realistic daily caloric intake can be somewhat challenging. Who the hell am I kidding, it can be INCREDIBLY difficult. One more than one occasion, I have politely asked the universe for a miracle pill that will make the calories magically disappear. But haven't we all? Luckily, I've always been a person who loves to exercise. Well, maybe love is a strong word, but I do find it therapeutic. There's nothing better than breaking up a monotonous day full of meetings and presentations with a quick workout. Not to mention I am less likely to strangle my co-workers! Kidding!

If you have followed Blonde Voyage Nashville for a while, you know that I am always searching for a new workout. When I found out that my dear friend Anne Marie Turan was bringing SculptHouse to Nashville, I was over the top. Some of you may know Anne Marie from her days as a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader or maybe she kicked your butt at Barry's Bootcamp. If you know her or have trained with her, she's without a doubt one of the most inspiring and motivating individuals I've been around. Her workouts aren't about running at a certain mph on the treadmill or lifting a specific amount of weight. They are focused on you, giving it your all and doing the best YOU can. I am thrilled that the Nashville community has the opportunity to experience this at the SculptHouse

Nashville, This Is YOUR Greenlight!

What is SculptHouse?

SculptHouse is the world's first studio to combine the Lagree Fitness Method with cardio intervals on a Woodway Curve treadmill. This low-impact workout not only optimizes your calorie burn but does so in 50 minutes. Whether you are an Ironman triathlete or perhaps just easing your way back in the gym, SculptHouse instructors are there to coach you every step of the way offering variations or modifications. 

SculptHouse Nashville Studio: Megaformers (Bottom) Woodway Curve Treadmills (Top)

What are these classes like? Pure torture and competition?

Absolutely not. SculptHouse offers two 50 minutes classes: Strength Sculpt and Cardio Sculpt. Strength Sculpt spends the entire 50 minutes on the Megaformer focused on core strength and flexibility training. Cardio Sculpt, which is the class that I took, has 25 minutes of cardio intervals on the Woodway Curve treadmill and 25 minutes of core/strength training on the Megaformer. At SculptHouse it's not about racing your neighbor or being the fastest in the class, it's all about you. Your speed and your level- finding the fire in yourself. 

Regardless of the class, know that you are going to burn some calories and get a great sweat. 

Which class is my favorite?

Even though I haven't taken the Strength Sculpt (don't worry, it's happening soon), I tend to lean towards the Cardio Sculpt. Not only do I sweat my a$$ off, but running is something that challenges me to no end. 

Can we talk about that calorie burn??

What do I need for my first class? 

If you are a first-timer, head over to SculptHouse 10-15 minutes early so you can sign your waivers and get acquainted with the instructor. He/She will give you a tour of the facility as well as an overview of what to expect. These instructors are top-notch offering hands-on corrections throughout the class to ensure that you are working safely and effectively. Special equipment is not necessary, however, class participants are required to wear grippy socks on the Megaformer. Trust me, you want all the grip you can get! 

Tell me about the amenities!

SculptHouse Nashville is fully stocked with amenities. From face wash to hair ties, they've got you covered. Trying to squeeze in a workout before work? Shower facilities are located just steps away from the SculptHouse on the second floor of the Vertis

Let's talk about pricing.

SculptHouse offers a variety of packages and memberships. For a limited time, they are offering Nashvillians 15% off their package.

Who doesn't love a discount?

Use the code BLONDEVOYAGE. Interested in learning more? Click here for all the details.

Now that you have all of the must-have details, I can't wait to tell you about my favorite part, the BOUTIQUE! Forget about Lululemon and Athleta (can you say basic?) this boutique has it all. SculptHouse boasts a boutique that will rival any store that you can possibly imagine. From familiar brands like Alo and Beyond Yoga to new labels like Coverleg and Terez, there is certainly something that will catch your eye. To be honest, I have my eye on at least five different pairs of leggings!  Check it out! 

Grippy Socks Galore!

Athleisure As Far As The Eye Can See!

Aren't Those Lip Leggings Rad!

Welcome to Nashville, SculptHouse! Remember, sore today strong tomorrow! 

Until Next Time!