Chew Chew at Night Train Pizza

Night Train Pizza

600 9th Avenue South, Suite 100

Nashville, Tennessee



I don't know about you guys, but it's difficult keeping up with all of the new restaurant and bars opening in Nashville. I have my list of places to try and before I can mark one place off three more open. However, I can't complain because I am thrilled to see the culinary scene evolving in the manner that it has. 

This week I was fortunate enough to welcome Nashville's newest addition, Night Train Pizza. Night Train Pizza is your quintessential pizza place. When you walk in you can't help but notice the large PIZZA marquee sign hanging front and center in the restaurant along with the walls and walls of beer cans (PS- Makes for a great photo op) Red and white checkered table cloths adorn the tables, so pull up a seat and order one of the many beers on tap and prepare yourself for some killer slices coming from the revolving wood-fired oven. 

We had a chance to sample a few different things off the menu, so I want to give you all the deets!

To start, we ordered the Big-Four, four meatballs that is. Served with housemade tomato sauce, how could you go wrong? I really enjoyed these little bites. Not only were they flavorful and moist, but they were the perfect size "snack" to nosh on while you decide which pizza to order. In an attempt to be healthy and I use the word attempt loosely, we ordered The Hill salad. This bowl was filled with spring greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, bleu cheese with their house made dressing mixed throughout. If I am being honest, which I really try to do, I was not a fan. The greens were a bit bitter for my liking and the tomatoes, cucumbers and bleu cheese were almost absent. I chalk this up to it being opening week and fingers crossed it improves. 

Big Four and The Hill

Now, on to the good stuff... PIZZA! Clearly, you can see from the picture below, we couldn't make up our minds so we ordered both but added our own twist. The pizza on the top is Transcontinental which is filled with mozzarella, roasted squash, zucchini, roasted red pepper served with homemade tomato sauce. We decided we wanted to add a little protein to this pizza pie and added some homemade fennel sausage. Um, can you say SWOON? 

Notice anything funny about the pizza on the bottom?  Yeah, I didn't either until it arrived.  It doesn't have cheese! Perhaps the beer had already gone to my head because you would think someone who loves cheese as much as I do would have noticed that. Despite the fact that this "za" didn't have any cheese, it packed a hell of a punch. The Grand Central uses spicy house-made tomato sauce and was topped with salami and red pepper flakes. Literally adding fuel to the fire, we added roasted red peppers to this fiery pizza. Even though our server said it wasn't terribly hot, it certainly had a kick that stays with you...for a while. 

My one regret of the evening was not ordering the Night Train. I saw it delivered to several tables that evening and did it ever look delicious. #foodenvy While it may read like a basic cheese pizza, I can assure you it looked far from basic. 

If you're in the Gulch and craving a slice, head over and check out Night Train Pizza. 

Tariff: Salads and Starters range between $7.00-$8.00 while Pizzas range between $10.00- $18.00 depending on size

Can't Miss: Big Four

Potential Pass: The Hill 

Until Next Time! 

Transcontinental and Grand Central Pizza