Blonde Voyage Nashville's Burger Guide

We are barely a week into 2019 and I’m sure I am not the only one finding it hard to abide by these resolutions and intentions I set forth. Am I right? Undoubtedly, many Americans vowed to eat healthier, exercise more or even participate in the infamous “Banuary.”

Even though I should be excited about nourishing my body with food high in nutritional value, it just doesn’t taste as good as an all American cheeseburger. So, in an effort not to completely shatter all of my New Year’s Intentions ( and for those of you who say to hell with eating healthy), I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite burgers in Nashville. I can attest to each of these as I have them all on numerous occasions. Before you start scrolling, I realize that burgers are a polarizing topic for many Nashvillians. After all, it’s not like we can debate Michelin star restaurants in Nashville. If you have a favorite, Iet me know. I’d love to check it out!

Hugh Baby’s

4816 Charlotte Avenue

Nashville, TN 37209

Website and Instagram

Hugh Baby’s | Double Cheeseburger + Extra Pickles

In 2017, Pitmaster Pat Martin expanded his restaurant empire and took on a different type of cuisine, fast food. Some were left scratching their head, but I knew that anything Pat Martin touched turned to gold. Hugh Baby's keeps it simple serving burgers, barbeque, and hot dogs. Pat Martin got creative for those of us torn between his classic barbeque and one of his burgers and created the BBQ Burger giving us the best of both worlds. On Fridays, Martin also serves the famous Corinth, Mississippi Slugburger.  Given that both locations are quite close to my office, I frequent Hugh Baby’s often.

My go-to order? A double cheeseburger with extra pickles, always extra pickles.

Want to see what else is on the menu? Click here

Emmy Squared Pizza

404 12th Ave South

Nashville, TN 37203

Website and Instagram

Emmy Squared Pizza | Le Big Matt- Double Stack Bear Creek Farm grass fed beef + American Cheese, Greens + Pickles +Sammy Sauce

My next favorite appears in a most unusual restaurant, Emmy Squared Pizza. Who would have thought that a restaurant that has perfected the Detroit style pizza would have such a damn delicious burger? Warning, this burger is not for the faint of heart. It takes two hands and a week’s worth of calories, not to mention that it’s one of the priciest burgers in Nashville ringing in at $19.00. But look at that cheese…are you drooling yet?

Emmy Squared Pizza will often feature burgers from their New York location from time to time. When they do, make sure you snag an early reservation so you can be one of the few Nashvillians to experience the deliciousness.

Emmy Squared Pizza | Emmy Burger - Bear Creek Farms Dry-Aged Patty + Emmy Sauce +Caramelized Onions +Grafton Cheddar served on a Tom Cat Pretzel Bun

Mill Creek Taproom

2905 12th Ave South

Nashville, TN 37212

Website and Instagram

When it comes to taprooms, people aren’t focused on the food that’s served but more so what’s on tap. However, Mill Creek Taproom has changed that mindset with their award-winning Smashburger. What makes this burger so special? Perhaps its the secret special barrel sauce that often drips down my hands or that combination of steamed onions and pickles. Regardless, I am hooked and if I am being totally honest, I go there and have the burger more than I go and just have a beer! It’s that good!

Mill Creek Taproom | Smashburger: Two Smashed Patties + Pickles + American Cheese + Barrel Sauce + Steamed Onions

Shake Shack

4031 Hillsboro Pike #904

Nashville, TN 37215

Website and Instagram

Shake Shack needs no introduction. This burger powerhouse, founded in 2004, made its way to Music City in August 2018. It goes without saying that a line has been wrapped around the building ever since it opened. Aside from the classic Shackburger, Shake Shack enthusiasts can enjoy the "Crackle Jack" which is unique to the Nashville location. Shake Shack has partnered with Peg Leg Porker to create the ultimate cheeseburger topped with Peg Leg Porker's seasoned cracklins and smothered in Shacksauce. Literally, I die. And you can’t forget about those Crinkle Cut Cheese Fries, those are almost as good as the burger itself!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you want to avoid the long line and the wait, place your order on the Shake Shack app or online. You’ll thank me later.

Having a sweet tooth moment? Shake Shack has frozen custards and shakes that will hit the spot and maybe put you into a food coma. Ha!

A Tray Of Shackburgers- Be Still My Heart

Crackle Jack With Peg Leg Porker Cracklins

Butchertown Hall

1416 4th Ave North

Nashville, TN 37208

Website and Instagram

Known primarily for their open hearth cooking, oak-smoked meats, and comprehensive agave selection, Butchertown Hall serves one helluva burger. There’s nothing I enjoy more than grabbing a seat at the bar and ordering this Double Brisket-Grind burger. And it even comes with your choice of side. Trying to keep it on the healthy side and feel a little less guilt, I often order Brussel Sprouts and if I am totally splurging, I’ll order the Fire Roasted Shaved Street Corn. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either. Given the magnitude of this dish, I tend to share it with a friend so I can sample other things on the menu and not feel completely stuffed. While this isn’t the priciest burger in Music City, it rings in at $15.00, but that includes a side.

Double Brisket-Grind Burger | American Cheese + Pickles + Onion + Aioli

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I know what I am having for my next meal. After all, everything in moderation, right?

If you have a favorite burger, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below or drop me a note and let me know what I am missing in Nashville!

Until Next Time!