Blonde Voyage's Guide To Dubrovnik

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2019? I’d shake my head in disbelief if I didn’t have a stack of magazines on my coffee table that said otherwise. In a day and age where we consume so much digital media, I find myself more and more enjoying the ritual of pouring a glass of wine, opening up Travel and Leisure or Bon Appétit and escaping my current reality. There’s something so satisfying about holding the pages in my hands and tearing out those articles or recipes that really speak to me.

Catching up on my back issues of Travel and Leisure, I came across a headline that said: “Get there before the blogs do.” I chuckled aloud and thought to myself, isn’t that the truth.

Clearly, I did not beat the bloggers or the Game of Thrones enthusiasts before my inaugural trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia but I still had a remarkable time.

For those of you who are looking for a quick getaway or perhaps want to add a stop on your European vacation, Dubrovnik is just the place. In this post, I’ve pulled together some of the travel basics as well as some of the can’t miss attractions.

I’ve watched GOT, but where is Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, Croatia is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and has many bordering countries. To the northwest, Slovenia, to the northeast you’ll find Hungary, and finally to the east, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

Fun Fact: Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia and since 1979 has been a UNESCO World Heritage site.


You Are Now Free To Move About The City

I was surprised as to how easily accessible and navigable Old Town was by foot. If you’ve made it to the end of the day and the thought of taking one more step makes you cringe, taxis and Ubers are readily available and there’s always the bus.

While you could always rent a car, I’d encourage you to rethink that decision unless you are an expert navigator of one-way streets and dodging tourists.

It’s All About Communication

I know this may come as a surprise, but Croatian is the official language of Croatia. Given the growth of tourism in the area, many speak English.

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Repeat!

Options, options, options. To say that planning your first trip to Dubrovnik is overwhelming is an understatement. Below you will find some of my favorites that made for a wonderful trip.


Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik

Frana Supila 12

20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website and Instagram

Without a doubt, the hotel you choose sets the tone for the trip. Make sure it’s a good one. While we toyed around with several different hotels, we landed at the Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik and I couldn’t have been happier. Not only was the hotel centrally located (we literally walked EVERYWHERE), but can we take a moment and talk about this view?

Yes, the rooms are lovely but more so I enjoyed having a cocktail on the patio and watching the sunset in the evening. There’s nothing better than listening to the waves crash upon the rocks and gazing out into the intoxicating blue waters.

Did I mention that they serve one heck of a breakfast? Truffled omelets, crispy bacon, fruit parfaits and sparkling wine to start your day? P.S.- it’s complimentary for hotel guests? You’re welcome.

Aperol Spritz And The Adriatic Sea

I Could Stare At This For Hours



Široka ul. 1

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website and Instagram

Proto was by far one of my favorite meals of the trip. Not only are they known for their exquisite seafood, but their wine selection is out of this world! It’s uncharacteristic for me not to have any photos of my meal but it was incredibly late and dark when we dined and our table outside didn’t have the best light, so you’ll have to take my word on this one! Recommended dishes: Daily Catch and the Risotto.

Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik

Sv.Dominka bb

20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website and Instagram

You didn’t think I was going to travel all the way to Dubrovnik and not visit their Michelin starred restaurant, did you? Exactly.

Restaurant 360 is a one Michelin star restaurant located in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik. Typically, I am “all in” for the tasting menu, but I decided to switch things up a bit and order a la carte. The dishes I ordered were quite lovely and the view was incredible.

This is well worth a stop on your Dubrovnik itinerary.

All Smile After My Meal At Restaurant 360

Panorama Restaurant

Srđ ul. 3

20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website and Instagram

Known for its delightful cocktails and enchanting views of Old Town Dubrovnik, travelers flock to Panorama Restaurant. Trust me, I’m well aware that this screams tourist trap, but you will forget all about that once you are seated at your table, soaking up the sunshine and taking in one of the most breathtaking views around.

I was most looking forward to taking the cable car up the mountain to the restaurants, but little did I know that the cable car owners have avoided paying taxes for quite some time and have since been shut down by the city. {Insert sad emoji here.} Seeing that the cable car was out of commission, our only choice was to drive, which meant many narrow, winding road. If you struggle with motion sickness as I do, this may be a challenge.

It may seem rather obvious, but when you secure your reservation, you will want to request a table outside. Dubrovnik’s weather can be quite fickle, so we were fortunate enough that the Panorama was flexible and allow us to move our reservation so we could dine outside.

Guests have a two hour limit at their table, so order wisely and make sure you get that perfect picture!

This View Could Not Be More Stunning

Bartender’s Choice | Vodka + Aperol +Lime+ Grapefruit + Ginger


The Wheel Of Flavors


Ul. od Puča 9,

20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Website and Instagram

I consider myself a connoisseur of only a few things in life and one of those happens to be ice cream. During our first day in Dubrovnik, I was like a giddy child on summer vacation. There were gelato shops EVERYWHERE. For the sake of research, of course, I had to try as many as I could work into the schedule and without a doubt, my favorite was Peppino’s. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one because the line was out the door every single time we passed by.

I know the Italians dominate the gelato game, but Dubrovnik is a close second. Have you ever seen such a stunning presentation?

My favorite? Dark Chocolate and Stracciatella. You can’t go wrong!

I Die. I’ve Never Seen Gelato So Pretty!

Beer Factory Dubrovnik

Ul. Miha Pracata 6

20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia


After walking the Walls of Dubrovnik, we realized we were quite parched. Luckily, as we stumbled upon the Beer Factory of Dubrovnik which was exactly what we needed. We grabbed a seat at the bar and began to peruse the menu. Finding a beer that piqued our curiosity was easy but ordering them took a little longer.

If you’re looking for a solid selection of Croatian beer, The Beer Factory is for you. It’s not fancy, but the beer is cold and tasty. Isn’t that all you need?

Let’s Get Cultural, Cultural

Walk Along The City Walls

Undoubtedly, walking the city walls was one of the highlights of my Dubrovnik trip despite that fact that we had pretty lousy weather. Not only will visitors have unique vantage points of the Adriatic Sea, but also the Old Town and its collection of orange tiled roofs. The City Walls are open year round and guided tours are available. We preferred a more leisurely experience, therefore we passed on the guided tour. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and prepare for quite a climb as there are many steep paths along the way.

Tip: I recommend visiting in the morning before the crowds begin to congregate at the ticket line and the morning light is wonderful for photos.

Ploče Gate

Ploče gate was my first glimpse at the medieval architecture in Dubrovnik as it’s the Eastern entrance into Old Town. As you make your way through the gate and inevitably snapped a few photos, you will notice that the Old Town is pedestrianized which is perfect for those who are enthralled with the sites and architecture. Of course, once you make your way into Old Town, you must snap a photo on the steps in front of the Church of St. Sebastian.

Church of St. Sebastian

Note, Ploče Gate is a popular location for bus and taxi drop-offs, so you will likely notice a considerable amount of congestion when entering the city. However, it is typically less crowded as cruise ship tourists typically don’t pass this way.

Explore Old Town

Forget the travel itinerary, leave the map at the hotel and put your phone away, unless you want to capture a few photos. Spend the day leisurely walking around the city. Peek around those corners and walk up those steep, STEEP stairs. You never know what beauty lies around the corner.

Beauty Is Everywhere In Dubrovnik

Rub Marin Držić’s Nose

You can’t come to Dubrovnik without paying the Marin Držić a visit. It’s been said that if you rub his nose it’s good luck that you will come back and visit Dubrovnik in the future. Let’s face it, we could all use a little luck in our lives!

Obligatory Photo Rubbing Marin Držić’s Nose

Banje Beach

Located just outside Ploče Gate, visitors will find one of the most popular places for swimmers and sun-worshipers. Banje Beach is one of Dubrovnik’s most popular beach areas. Guests can rent lounge chairs, umbrellas and almost any other water toy imaginable. For those seeking respite from sightseeing, book a beachside massage and forget your worries. Others can sip cocktails beachside and enjoy the incredible view of Lokrum Island.

Seeing as this is one of the “hot-spots” in Dubrovnik, I’d recommend arriving early so you can set up shop for the day.

Whether you are an architecture aficionado, a self-proclaimed history buff or a Game of Thrones superfan, Dubrovnik has something for everyone. Maybe you have two weeks or perhaps the clock has only twenty-four hours, regardless of the amount of time you have this in remarkable town, enjoy every bit of it. Soak up as much of the beauty, history, and culture that Dubrovnik has to offer. Whatever you do, don’t forget to try their local wine!


Until Next Time!