Avoid The Dreaded Vending Machine Lunch And Order With Grubhub

If you work a 9-5 job, it’s likely that you are living your best cubicle life. You know what I’m talking about. That small piece of real estate where you spend all of your time when you aren’t in meetings and attempt to accomplish work despite the ringing phones and constant chatter. And did I mention you are supposed to co-exist with your co-workers at the same time? To say cube life is challenging is the understatement of the century.

When calendars get hectic and meetings take priority, lunch is usually the first thing to go. I know I’ve sacrificed my lunch break one too many times and am left hangry the rest of the afternoon.

When it looks like lunch is getting scratched, avoid the vending machines and hanger pains and order lunch from one of these Grubhub restaurants.

The Eastern Peak

536 Thompson Lane

Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Website and Instagram

The Eastern Peak is a restaurant I order from on a regular basis. You can find me ordering Drunken Noodles and Tom Kha Chicken soup from Grubhub on the regular. These two dishes are staples that helped me survive the winter.

Now that Nashville is finally beginning to see warmer weather (hello Summer bod!), I’ll swap out the heavier dishes and order the Spicy Tuna Roll and Gyoza.

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Lunches Call For Drunken Noodles And Sushi Rolls

Pepperfire Hot Chicken

1000 Gallatin Avenue C

Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Website and Instagram

Do you ever have those days where not one single thing goes right no matter what you do? Sometimes I hit the gym to combat the stress, other times I eat my feelings. One of my favorite “treat yourself” lunch is at Pepperfire Chicken.

Proceed with caution: Pepperfire Chicken brings the heat! If I know I my afternoon is meeting free, I will splurge and order the Tender Royale which consists of a deep-fried grilled cheese topped with three tenders of your choosing. I'll warn you if you manage to eat the entire dish expect to be in a food coma no less than 48 hours. But, if I’m expected to be productive, I’ll keep it under control and stick with the hot chicken tenders. Extra pickles are always a must but my go-to side is always mac and cheese but I hear that the apples are a must.

Regardless of what you order, you’re likely to have leftovers.

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Hot Chicken Tenders + Fried Okra (Left) And Tender Royale + Green Chile Mac N Cheese (Right)

Tender Royale | Peppercheese + Three Chicken Tenders

Slim and Husky’s Pizza Beeria

911 Buchanan Street

Nashville, Tennessee 37208

Website and Instagram

Have you ever heard someone say they don’t like pizza? I’d say it’s highly unlikely and if they don’t how do they survive?

It can be fresh out of the oven or cold straight from the fridge, regardless I adore Slim and Husky’s pizza. My two favorites are the Rony, Roni and Rone and the P.R.E.A.M but if I am feeling creative, I’ll make my own pie. Slim and Husky’s is a lunchtime hot spot, so if you don’t plan ahead you spend your lunch waiting in line rather than eating pizza. Avoid the long wait times and order ahead with Grubhub. Not only are pizzas available but you can also sneak in an order of their beloved rolls without having to go to two locations! Grubhub for the win!

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Don’t fall victim to vending machine junk food. head over to Grubhub and place your order today! Blonde Voyage Nashville readers can get $12.00 off their first Grubhub order of $15.00+ by using the code BLONDEVOYAGE.


This post is in partnership with Grubhub on this post. All opinions and photos are my own.

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