A Luxury Nail Affair: Paint Nail Bar

PAINT Nail Bar

3990 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 210

Nashville, TN 37215

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Let’s face it, y’all it’s been a long week. From the looming deadlines at work, dropping the kids off and picking them up from school and then taking them to their multiple activities, and I can’t forget grocery shopping and grabbing that perfect turkey, after all, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. How do you manage to keep it together?

With the craziness that happens in our day to day lives, it’s more important than ever to practice self-care and take time to relax and unwind. One of my favorite ways to unwind requires unplugging from the world for a couple of hours and popping over to favorite nail salon for a little R&R with a mani/pedi.

When it comes to nail salons, I’m not going to lie, I can be a bit fussy. I don’t want to be rushed through my services nor do I want to be in an environment where the vibe is too intense (hello, this is not a production line). I have and will drive great lengths for the perfect experience. Just call me Goldilocks of Nashville nail salons.

Luckily, I only have to drive less than a mile now that PAINT Nail Bar is open.

Isn’t This The Coziest Little Waiting Space?

PAINT Nail Bar, which is located inside the Vertis Green Hills, calls Sculpthouse, Core Power Yoga and Spoke and Weal neighbors. While you can roll the dice and walk-in, I’d recommend you make an appointment, which can be done here.

What’s so different about PAINT Nail Bar? That’s a great question.

PAINT Nail bar offers a “fume-free” or natural experience for clients by showcasing polishes that are “Big 5-Free” meaning that they have no formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals. This allows clients to look their best without the harm of dangerous chemicals. PAINT Nail bar has totally eliminated the ick factor when it comes to services. You won’t see whirlpool pedicure thrones or UV lamps to cure your gel mani/pedis, PAINT Nail bar takes extra precaution when serving each client.

PAINT Nail Bar Color Wall Including Zoya, Smith and Cult , NCLA And Many More

Each guest is warmly welcomed and escorted over to the polish wall where all your colorful dreams can come true. I have to say it took me several minutes to commit to a color. There were so many gorgeous options!

Aren’t these pedicure chairs the dreamiest?

Popping over during your lunch break or splurging and have a day of R&R? They’ve got you covered. From the Lickety Split to the Talk of the Town, there’s something for everyone’s schedule. Admittedly, my favorite service was the Talk of the Town pedicure. OMG. I literally melted into my chair and haven’t been that relaxed in quite some time. But what really sealed the deal was the paraffin dip. Absolute heaven.

Swing by and check out PAINT Nail Bar and let me know how they polish you off!

Until next time!