Dining Guide: Nomad Marrakesh

If I learned anything in Marrakesh, I can tell you that after spending the day wandering the serpentine paths in the souks, you will work up an appetite. Dining options are rather limited in the souks, so I recommend you plan ahead and make reservations. Luckily, our wonderful hosts with Eat Pray Move made reservations for us at Nomad, which is inconspicuously located in the Rahba Kedima, the Spice Square, in the heart of the Marrakesh souks. Blink twice and you would walk past it. 

Nomad offers " Modern Moroccan" cuisine incorporating local produce and spices in each dish. They pride themselves on serving traditional, local and international themed dishes with a Moroccan twist. With a variety of available offerings, this restaurant would be suitable for vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores alike.  

As you enter the restaurant, you will notice that the ground floor is dedicated to the chef's kitchen.  Making your way up the stairs, you will notice the tiny reception area and the intimate dining room where everyone is clamoring in delight.  Perhaps my most favorite parts of the restaurant are the rooftop terraces.  If you are willing to climb a few extra sets of stairs, it's totally worth it.  Overlooking the spice square, guests have access to views of the Women's square and the Kotubia mosque which are absolutely breathtaking at sunset. 

The quaint dining area on the rooftop terrace

Since I was dining with my EPM friends, we opted for a light vegetarian dinner. Our meal started off with some lovely mezze plates consisting of house marinated olives and homemade yogurt bread.  I was simply not fast enough to snap a photo of this dish before it was devoured.  Clearly, this was a solid choice.

For my main course, I selected the Vegetarian Pastilla filled with sauteed spiced market vegetables, goat's cheese, and caramelized tomato confit. Pastilla is made with a thin Moroccan pastry, similar to phyllo dough that we use in the U.S.  The crunchiness of the pastry was the perfect contrast for the sauteed vegetables.  While I enjoyed this dish, it had a bit too many onions in it for my liking. 

Vegetable Pastilla: Moroccan thin pastry filled with sautéed spiced market vegetables, goat's cheese and caramelized tomato confit

What is a meal without dessert?  Our group opted for two different desserts: Flourless Orange Cake and Saffron scented Moroccan Date Cake. Both desserts were out of this world, but without a doubt the Moroccan date cake stole my heart and the fact that it was smothered in caramel sauce didn't hurt ;) . The Flourless Orange cake was not overly sweet and was a delightful contrast providing fresh citrus notes in each bite. 

Saffron Scented Moroccan Date Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream and Salted Caramel Sauce

Flourless Orange Cake with Caramelized Orange Zest and Whipped Cream

Centrally located in the Marrakesh souks, the Nomad restaurant is not only serving up "Modern Moroccan" cuisine with an avant-garde twist but some picturesque views of the city.  I would certainly recommend adding this establishment to your itinerary. 

Until next time!