Can't Miss Craft Beer: Brussels Beer Project

Before the plane even touched down in Belgium, I was on a quest for the perfect Belgian beer. Other than waffles, frites, mussels and chocolate, Belgium is known for having some of the best beer in the world.  I literally packed all of my clothes, well most of them, into my carry-on so I had ample room to bring back some of the finest Belgium had to offer.  I stumbled upon a beer/chocolate shop (Can we please get this combo in Nashville??), which is quite the common thing in Brussels and found the most helpful beer enthusiast.  I shared with him that a tour of Cantillon was on the agenda, but was curious as to what other breweries I should check out. Seeing as how the craft beer scene is booming in Nashville, I was hoping there would be a few options in Brussels as well. His can't miss recommendation was the Brussels Beer Project. Sounds like a science experiment, right? Well, they are concocting some FABULOUS beers. 

The Brussels Beer Project was started in 2013 and to use their words, they " breathe contemporary Brussels, a cosmopolitan town that lives and evolves." While you may sense subtle hints of old world Belgium, the flavors will literally blow you away. They are serving beers in over 150 locations within Belgium and more than 20 countries within Europe. Fingers crossed, it will make it across the pond sooner rather than later. 

While the taps are constantly rotating, they had 14 available that day and I did my best to sample as many as possible. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dark beer kind of girl, so when I saw the #EXP0025, Imperial Coffee Stout, I knew it was meant to be.  I fell in love. While I was in line pondering my flight options, one of the customers insisted that I try the  Tu Mi Turbi, which is a Double White IPA. I am not one for hoppy beers, but this had a smooth finish.  A perfect addition to your summer cooler!  

Check out the menu! Dying over these options!

Check out the menu! Dying over these options!

I was fortunate enough to try seven of the fourteen offerings, pretty good considering it was our second brewery stop of the day.  Lucky for me, I was able to grab a few bottles of the #EXP0025, Grosse Bertha and Tu Mi Turbi.  

Cheers to the Brussels Beer Project!  Keep up creative brewing and find your way to the United States!