The Hidden Gem of Florence

Attention to details... Make sure you don't walk past this one!

Attention to details... Make sure you don't walk past this one!

Tucked away on a side street in Florence, Brac is one of those can’t miss places.  I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when it came to vegetarian food. I am SUCH a steak and cab kinda girl, but I was BLOWN AWAY.  Brac is certainly one of those venues that could be considered the “third space.”  Brac is a restaurant, library, art gallery and coffee house all rolled into one small quaint space.  

Luckily, Erin with EPM was kind enough to make a reservation for our group.  Thank goodness.

Note- If you choose to dine here-  MAKE A RESERVATION and BE ON TIME! 

We were kindly escorted through the courtyard to the back room which consists of a library and dining area.   This courtyard was breathtaking... draped mesh fabric as far as the eye could see with such a complimentary color palate.  Art in and of itself.  But, I will let you be the judge.


As you walked in, you saw rows upon rows of bookshelves... and no, not paperbacks. These were amazing coffee table books. Available for you to peruse during your stay at Brac or purchase. Our group was seated and we began to pour through the menu.   Erin and Julian were kind enough to guide us on this food adventure but highly recommended the Piatto Misto.  For 12 euros you had your choice of salad, pasta and bread dish.  Ummm What?!?  Done. I poured over the options but as I watched food come out of the kitchen, I knew I couldn't go wrong.  While I can't remember exactly, what I ordered, I know it was delicious and I enjoyed every morsel.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. so I will let you be the judge. 

Could that avocado be any more perfect? And that handmade pasta? STOP.

Could that avocado be any more perfect? And that handmade pasta? STOP.

As we were anxiously awaiting our food and sipping on lovely organic Italian wine, I thought my eyes had deceived me.  I literally lost it. It was like I was 13 years old girl again and meeting the New Kids on the Block.  In walked Giada De Laurentiis.  Commence clapping and squealing!  Ok- seriously Court.. Stop.  Not that I need to provide background or a link from her,  but WOW!  Not only do I have a major girl crush on this chef, but she knows her Italian food. Apparently, she was spending time in Florence scouting for her upcoming TV show. 

Quick Down and Dirty on Brac:

  • Make a reservation and be on time- Common Sense I know, but you want your table. Trust me..

  • Take advantage of the Piatta Misto. Great value and you have the opportunity to try multiple things and not commit to one dish

  • Soak up the beauty of this space and grab a book and relax while your food is being prepared

  • Has this Blonde's seal of approval... along with Giada... Do you need anything else? :)

Liberia Brac