Art and Aperitivo

Widely known as the film location for "Under the Tuscan Sun,"  Cortona is a quaint little town nestled in the province of Arezzo. 

Exploring the winding cobblestone roads, I happened upon this incredibly talented artist, Antonio Massautto.   His shop was a combination of sculptures and jewelry.  I was intrigued as I usually don't think about jewelry as sculpture, however, it does encompass the art of shaping.  As I poured over the display cases, I thought that this would be the quintessential trinket from my trip to Italy. Antonio was incredibly kind and helpful allowing me to try on many many rings until I found the right one.  These rings were not what you would typically find in a jewelry shop. Each handcrafted Bronze with intricate detail.  I fell in love with one in particular. It was a simple bronze band with the Etruscan alphabet.   I had a hard time selecting one ring, so I decided to make it easy and take home four. Whoops!


We concluded our wandering with an afternoon aperitivo, better known as the Italian happy hour. Aperitivo provides the chance to relax, socialize with friends while nibbling on lovely Italian snacks varying from italian cheeses, chips, nuts, and veggies.  I only wish Americans would adopt this past time.  Happy hour would feel much more civilized.  In true Tuscan style, I opted for the Spritz.  A combination of bubbles and bitters, this drink was perfectly balanced and left me wanting more. In fact, I could have one right now.