One More for the Road...Bon Voyage Mad Platter!

Twenty-seven years ago, before Nashville was considered a foodie destination and Germantown was filled with some of the best fine dining in the south, Craig and Marcia Jervis took a chance and opened The Mad Platter. It's hard to imagine Germantown without this neighborhood staple, but times they are a changing.

Today, I made my last visit and said goodbye to the Mad Platter.  I've dined there with co-workers, girlfriends, family and Lord knows how many dates have gone through that door.  It always seemed liked home.  

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of introducing Nashville transplants to one of my favorite things in the city, The Mad Platter Reuben.  I don't know if they are sprinkling magic on the bread while they are toasting it up, but it's life changing.  Clearly, I am not the only one who feels this way because it is one of their most popular menu items. 

One of my fondest memories was always during Oktoberfest.  There was nothing more rewarding than shuffling over to the Mad Platter and being some of the first customers through the door that morning ordering beer cheese soup, a Reuben sandwich, and a German chocolate cake.  Let's face it... that's why I was running.... for the delicious food.  

As I thanked Marcia today for all of the memories, I slid in a little something about hoping to see her at Oktoberfest in the future as it wouldn't be the same without her.  Seeing as she only lives a few steps away, she said: " you never know what might happen!" 

Cheers to Craig and Marcia Jervis.  Thank you for your hospitality, your mouthwatering food and your dedication to the Nashville community.   You all were trailblazers and an integral part of making the Nashville food scene what it is today. 

Nashvillians you have a few more chances to stop by and have one more meal before they close their doors on New Year's Eve.  I would recommend that you hop on OpenTable and make a reservation because everyone wants to grab one last Reuben.  Until next time!