Humble Table: A Night In Italy

Undoubtedly social media is a key part of our culture. It was only a few days ago when social media junkies experienced one of the most painful outages in history when Facebook and Instagram were down for over 14 hours. Did you panic? I immediately thought my account was hacked and incessantly tried to change my password. When I say incessant, I mean I tried for HOURS and to no avail failed miserably.

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Exploring Nashville: Mi Colombia

Do you ever feel like you are on auto-pilot? Simply coasting through the day with a predictable routine and making decisions with little to no thought because they have become so automatic?

I know I am guilty of it. I get in the habit of wearing the same things, going to the same restaurants, repeating the same workouts and hanging out with the same people. No judgment, but it can make for an awfully mundane existence.

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Lonely Hearts Club Pop-Up At Bobby's Garage Bar

Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarizing holidays on the calendar. People are either gushing over their significant other or it serves as a bitter reminder for those who are single.

If you aren’t rushing to make dinner reservations or shower your loved one with heart -shaped boxes of chocolates, I recommend trading in an evening of Netflix and wine for the Lonely Hearts Club.

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Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors

Before there was Instagram, Yayoi Kusama’s avant-garde perspective was revolutionizing the visual art world. From her vibrant paintings, playful sculptures and captivating Infinity Mirror Rooms, Kusama is by far one of the most important artists to come from Japan. Her artwork challenges the status quo and encourages us to think differently about our connection with the world and those around us.

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Nicky's Coal Fired Guest Pizza Chef Series

While most Americans are joining gyms, Marie Kondo-ing their homes, and trying to live their “healthiest” life, I am posted up at the chef’s counter sipping wine and eating all the things. Why? Two reasons: First, life is all about balance and second, Nicky’s Coal Fired just kicked off their second annual Guest Pizza Chef Series.

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Chef Ryan Poli's Swan Song At The Catbird Seat

In 2011, the Goldberg brothers, masterminds behind Strategic Hospitality, transformed the culinary scene in Nashville when they unveiled The Catbird Seat. Unlike any other restaurant in Music City, the Catbird Seat elevates the dining experience as guests gather around a twenty-two seat U-shaped bar and are entertained and enthralled by the stylings of the chef and his team.

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Up, Up, And Away In Napa Valley

As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my travels and adventures throughout the year. I am incredibly grateful to have a chance to visit those places that are familiar and those that were foreign, but extraordinary. While I was doing so, I realized that I had not shared one of my most memorable moments of 2018. Although there are quite a few, this one was certainly momentous.

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Bites and Barbecue in Austin

Making the list for travel in 2018 was Austin, Texas. This wasn’t my first trip to Texas. My college roommate was from Houston and I have visited Dallas and San Antonio with work. However, many of you may be scratching your heads and wondering why in the world would Austin make it on the list over so many other cities, especially since I live in Nashville.

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Keep Austin Weird + Awesome

At the beginning of every year, I put together a wish-list per-se of places I’d like to visit in the upcoming year. Of course, usual suspects like Chicago and San Francisco seem to always make the cut, but I make a concerted effort to incorporate a handful of new places that I have yet to explore. Aside from my colossal trip to Japan earlier in the year, Austin, Texas was one city that made the cut.

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Sip Santa Style At These Christmas Themed Bars

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to snap out of that tryptophan trance, put away the stretch pants and officially welcome the holiday season. Break out the twinkle lights, whip up a batch of your booziest eggnog and don your ugliest Christmas sweater because some of Nashville’s bars are decking the halls from top to bottom.

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But First, Brunch At Nicky's Coal Fired

Maybe you caught my StyleBlueprint Nashville take over or you’ve seen my recent Instagram stories, but it’s no secret, Nicky’s Coal Fired is by far one of my Nashville favorites. From their delicious housemade pasta to their craft cocktails and crispy coal-fired pizza, I’ll gladly order one of everything on the menu. When I heard the news of bomboloni, breakfast pizzas, and mimosa kits, I knew where I’d be on Sunday morning!

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A Southern Girl's Guide to Chicago

If you’ve followed Blonde Voyage Nashville for any length of time, you know that Chicago has a special place in my heart. I’ve been traveling up there on a regular basis since 2011 and I continue to become more captivated with the the architecture, the culinary scene and the great people of the city.

Why Chicago?

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Alinea: The Gastronomic Experience That Changed My Perspective

We all have moments in our lives that can be considering defining or fundamentally changing, shaping us into the amazing humans we are today. Perhaps it’s getting your degree, persevering and finishing that first marathon, meeting the love of your life or taking your first trip abroad, each changes your perspective and outlook on life. The evening that I opened the door to Alinea was pivotal as my outlook on life and food was forever changed.

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Life Is Sweet At Baked On 8th

Living in Nashville, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of hot chicken, barbecue, burgers or craft beer. But when it comes to bakeries, it’s a bit of a different story.

From of charming cupcakes boutiques to the famous 100-layer donut, Nashville has you covered. When it comes to cakes, cookies, and other classic confectioneries, where do Nashvillians go to remedy their sweet tooth?

Baked on 8th.

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All The Booze And Bites You Missed At Music City Food And Wine

The sixth annual Music City Food and Wine Festival came to a close Sunday, September 16th. Those who were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold-out bash had a chance to sample some of the best bites and booze from across the country. The talent roster was an assortment of celebrity chefs, TV personalities, authors and local Nashville culinary masterminds. From book signings, cocktail throwdowns, chef panels, and a concert headlined by Kings of Leon, this weekend was a celebration of all things that make Nashville “Music City.”

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